Friday, April 18, 2008

Weird Object Friday

I grew up walking past this fellow multiple times a day. This is an antique cast iron wiener dog boot scraper. It was on our front porch for years. I don't think anyone actually scraped their boots on it. He was just there to greet us.
I apologize for how dusty and covered in cobwebs he is. I found him hidden in the corner of my parents garage. I think he needs to a bath and brought back to his glory.
On another note.... did anyone feel the earthquake this morning? It was 5:37 this morning. I sat up in bed and Craig says "What's wrong?". I told him that I thought I felt the bed shaking. But I just dismissed it as waking up and being dizzy or lightheaded. I didn't think it was an earthquake. It was centered in southern Illinois. This is only the second time in my life that I have ever felt one. Maybe it isn't too big of news but it sure is for Michigan.


Pigeon said...

I didn't feel the quake in Ohio. We had one 20 years ago that made my refrigerator totter slightly. Nice dachshund. Will he be living on your front porch, after he has had his bath?

Amy said...

Yep! We felt it in Fort Wayne! John had already left for work, but Allen and I both woke up to it. First my bedroom door started to rattle, and then my bed shook for about 10 seconds! Allen said he thought he was having a seizure because his bed was moving!

Margaret said...

I like the weiner doggie! Goes good with my German beer stein :)
Hope you don't get aftershocks..hold on to those puppies!

Ben said...

Nice boot-cleaner-offer.

It was pretty weird - I woke up aorund 5:45 this morning and didn't know why. Now I guess I know!

gerry said...

He looks like he would be happy welcoming visitors outside some country inn.

As to the earthquake-- Amazing that you can feel something that far away isn't it.

The Brat Pack said...

This would be something I would definitely buy if I saw it in an antique store. :)