Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mommy and the Girls

It's been a gorgeous weekend! We have spent two solid days outdoors doing yard work and loving every minute of it.
Now all we need is rain to green everything up.
I think Seadra and Zoe are the happiest to be outside.
Zoe's pout. She's soooo cute.
My girls.
Seadra's happy roll.


Peanut said...

They are so cute. Peanut and Flash have been outside a ton with the weather being nice right now. They need to since this summer it will be to hot here for them to be out much.

Ruby Bleu said...

These are great pictures. I love the close up of Zoe!!! And Seadra looks so happy rolling about!

Margaret said...

Zoe's pout! I love it! What a great face!
And Seadra's roll- could she be any happier?
Great pictures!