Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Daddy's Bluebirds

Since I haven't been successful in attracting any Bluebirds to my yard (yet), I have to go and enjoy my Dad's Bluebirds. If you visit my Through the Viewfinder Blog you may remember that Mr. Bluebird showed up within 24 hours of my Dad putting out his Bluebird house. As envious as I was I am thrilled for my Dad. And I can go over there and enjoy his Bluebirds whenever I want.
I went over there tonight thinking that I might get a few shots of them on their house but I came home with even more than I hoped. I got a few really cute shots. The male is pretty tolerant to a point. He lets me get close enough to photograph him. The female is much more cautious. Not too far from the nest box Dad has placed a feeder that he puts meal worms in. Yesterday he saw the male feeding the female a meal worm. His next plan is to place a bird bath near them.
Here's one of the few shots I got of the female. I just love em!!!


Pigeon said...

Your photos are better than owning a bird book. I am learning a lot. If any of the birds you feature show up in my yard, I will know what they are!

Ben said...

We don't see bluebirds in our yard, but sure would love to. Maybe we need one of those "houses".

sohobutterfly said...

Oh! The blue is shockingly amazing!!

Shellmo said...

These were outstanding photos - you captured their beauty perfectly!

Margaret said...

Those are beautiful, Jessica. I especially like the one with the pitchforks.