Tuesday, April 8, 2008

South Haven

Jordan and I drove up to South Haven this afternoon. It was cool and cloudy but not too bad of a day. They have the cutest little gift shops that we love to look around in. We walked along the river that runs into Lake Michigan. Not many boats are in the harbor yet. This was the only purchase that we made. Chocolate covered strawberries!!!
They were so good we decided that we are going to make them ourselves when strawberries are in season.


Margaret said...

What a pretty place!
What can I say about the strawberries- YUM!
I've made them before, and they're good!

Ben said...

We used to sell chocolate covered strawberries for the marching band at our town's strawberry festival. They don't have the festival any more ..man, I miss those strawberries covered in chocolate. Anyhow, I would have made the same purchase you did!