Saturday, June 30, 2007

OK, it's time....

OK, it's time to fess up. At the risk of making myself the laughing stock of anyone who ever looks at my blog I am ready to make myself very vulnerable. I decided that today I would confide in you that Seadra and Zoe also have their own blog. Stop laughing!!! It's true and it's real. Since April Seadra and Zoe have joined a network call "Dog's With Blogs" or DWB's. I am not the only person that is crazy for their dogs who also happens to like blogging, this is a great way to combine both pleasures. There are hundreds of us out there.

It happened just by accident. I was doing a search of the blogs one day on "Boston Terriers" to see if anyone out there blogging was talking about their dogs. That's when I can across Ike's blog. Ike is the coolest Boston Terrier with his own blog. I found it so intriguing that a dog could share his thoughts and feeling and have a bunch of friends that do the same. I found myself going to Ike's blog often and also clicking on all the links to his doggie friends. These people, or "dogs" I should say, were having so much fun communicating with each other. And it was all good wholesome clean fun too.

That's when I found myself wanting Seadra and Zoe to have a blog too. I even went so far as to create a new account and get a blog set up for them. I even did a first blog entry for them. I'll have to admit that I was feeling a little foolish so I deleted the whole account. But this didn't stop my yearning to want to join in all the fun that they were having. I still kept visiting the DWB's daily.
So....back in April I decided that if I wanted to do this to just do it!!! I set up their blog and then went to a bunch of the other doggie blogs and introduced ourselves. Before long we had a lot of friends and we all were having fun talking about anything and everything. We actually get to know these dogs personalities. Some of the blogs are hilarious, some are serious but all are fun. We are all dogs except we have one hamster Friend named "Girl Girl" that plays along with us.

The first person I confided in was Craig. I was preparing myself to hear what a nut I was from him but much to my surprise his first comment was "You should have a lot of fun with that". Jordan enjoys looking at the blog and visiting other dog blogs too. I will tell you that Caleb thinks I have lost it.

So here's the link to Seadra and Zoe's blog. If you would like to visit feel free to stop by and see what all this craziness is all about. I decided to make Seadra the narrator of the blog since she is the dominate dog in the house. Be sure to click on the comments to see how we all communicate with each other. And if you are so inclined visit some of the other dog blogs too. Seadra and Zoe's blog pales in comparison to how creative and funny some of the other dog blogs are. But Seadra and Zoe are working on trying to be creative too.
It's been fun..........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

8 Days In Disney!!!

Jordan had the awesome opportunity to go to Disney World with her girlfriend Lindsey and Lindsey's grandparents. They were on the plane at 6:00 this morning. All day long I kept thinking of her....."OK, it's 9:45, they are landing in Orlando; now it's noon; I wonder what park they are in", etc,etc. I hope that they all have a wonderful time.

Jordan called about 5:00. They were already making the rounds. They had spent the first day at the Magic Kingdom. She said the resort pool was right outside their room and they were getting ready to go swimming. She called again tonight about 9:00 and talked to Craig. They were heading back to the park again tonight for more rides and fireworks.

Sounds like they are off to a good start.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I just picked up Jordan's dance recital pictures from the photographer. I wanted to post them because she is the most beautiful human being in the world. I can say that because I am her mother and because it's true!!


Every once in a while you catch that perfect pose!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Wanna Be....

For those of you that you know me, you know I am a wanna be photographer. Only for my own pleasure and because I enjoy it so much. Here are a few shots I've gotten of some wild life in the last few weeks. Granted the pictures are not of elephants or tigers but until I can travel to Africa the chipmunk, rabbit, robin and wren will have to do. If you click on the pictures they should enlarge for better detail. Check him out. He's eating a little nut. I found this little guy at the cottage.
This baby bunny I found at the cottage too. There is a whole nest of them running around.

I didn't think this was the most handsome robin. He looked pretty skinny to me but he was willing to pose so I took advantage of the opportunity.

This is the same robin sitting on a fence in our side yard.

You might have to look close. There is a wren sitting on top of the bird house.

I think she has a nest in there.

Here she's peaking inside.
I've got hummingbird feeders all over the yard so my goal is to get some cool hummingbird pictures. I've been trying but I haven't been very successful yet. Maybe soon you will see some hummingbird pictures.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


According to the kids, ICHTHUS was awesome. The pictures speak for themselves.
Ichthus..... One of the many bandsDancing at the concertsThe Whole GangAir Guitars Caleb and JoshLindsey, Justin Lookadoo & JordanThat concert was awesome!!!Jordan and Lindsey
Honk if you love Jesus
Jordan Lindsey and Brooke

Caleb and Allen
Pastor Ron

Hanging at the campsite

Saturday, June 16, 2007

All about me......

This has been a rejuvenating weekend. I"m calling it the "ME" weekend. Caleb and Jordan have been in Kentucky at Ichthus since Wednesday and I decided to take advantage of no kids for 5 days and take a few days off work just for ME. Does this make me a bad mother? I don't think so. In fact, I think it makes me a better mother. Craig says that I try to do too much for too many and I get myself into trouble sometimes. Trouble meaning stressed from always running and always doing. It's only because I love those darn kids so much!!!

Anyway, I've just been hanging out at home. Mostly gardening which it seems I can never find enough time for. I got the last of my annuals planted, weeded some beds, trimmed some bushes, did a LOT of watering, spent time with Seadra and Zoe (they are great stress relievers), and Craig and I have sat around a fire every night for the last 3 evenings with another one planned for tonight.

The kids will be home tomorrow night and I will be rested and happy to have them home. As much as I am enjoying my "ME" weekend I am still missing them.........

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's 90 degrees!!

Seadra and Zoe aren't going far away from the water dish today.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Henry's Graduation

Yesterday the oldest grandchild graduated from high school. Congratulations Henry!!!! We hope your life is filled with many blessings.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Strawberry Festival Parade/Drum Major

Yesterday Jordan marched in the Strawberry Festival Parade. I am also proud to announce that Jordan is going to be the Drum Major for next year's marching season. We are very excited for her. We love the band!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dance Recital

Last weekend finished another year of dance lessons with 3 dance recitals. Here's a few pictures.....

Big Brother Caleb

Jordan's #1 fan

Best Friends

Jordan and Lindsey

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pure Joy

I just watched Caleb get in his car and drive away down the road. He's on his way to work. Does he even have a clue the joy he has brought into our lives the last 17 years? I doubt that he can comprehend. Hopefully someday when he has his own family he will be able to experience what Craig and I have experienced since God blessed us with him.

So often I hear people complain and talk terrible about their kids. I listen to people at work, people in my own family, and many others talk like they do not even like their children let alone love them. And I always think the same thing. How sad it is that they do not have that joy in their lives. I cannot imagine having missed that.
I have heard people counting down the years until the kids are out of the house, anticipating when life can be all about them again. Caleb will be a senior next year and I am the opposite. It's hard for me to think about what it will be like when Caleb is no longer living with us but I also know that he knows this will always be his home no matter where he is.

I am relishing every minute of these high school years with Caleb and Jordan. They will be gone too soon but then we will be on to another part of their lives and I am anticipating that there will be just as much joy down the road, wherever that road may lead.

Tell your children that you love