Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chicken Soup

I have the best Mother in the world!! I have been so sick for the last few days on my death bed (figuratively speaking). Mom went to Panera Bread and brought me some of their chicken soup tonight. Then she went home and came back bringing me some wonderful coffee, vitamins, & fresh fruit. My Mommy loves me and I love her.........

Please pray that I am feeling better soon. I am going to be on a plane in 2 days for a 2 week trip to Florida and I am starting to get really anxious and upset about this.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Simple Day

Today is a simple day. What is a simple day? It's a day where I have no plans and get to stay home all day and do whatever I want....whatever it may be. Craig is still in Orlando, Jordan is at Shanes and Caleb is at a friends house. I'm sitting here crowded in the rocker recliner chair with a dog on each side of me. Hallmark channel is having a movie marathon of the "Love Comes Softly" series, which I am thoroughly enjoying.
Oh, the simple life...........


We ran into Santa at the Hartford Winterfest Parade last weekend. I had to drag Caleb kicking and screaming over to Santa to get this picture. Your kids are never too old to have their picture taken with Santa. Are they???

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Story Of Our Xmas Lights

I still remember the first Christmas that Craig and I were married...... I had grown up in a family that didn't do much in the way of outdoor Christmas lights. If we had a few strings on a bush that was about the extent of it.

The day came when Craig announced we were going to put up Christmas lights outside. "Ok", I thought, "This could be fun"........Little did I know what was about to transcend. Craig got to work and work he did. More and more and more lights continued to go up. It got to the point where I was starting to get embarrassed. All I could think of was that comedy Christmas movie where the utterly ridiculous man over decorates his house to the point of being hideous.

I didn't voice my opinion and decided to let Craig have his fun. It didn't take long for those lights to grow on me and I will have to say it actually grew into one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Most years it was freezing cold when we would put the lights up. We would get all bundled up and Craig would put a speaker in the window so we could listen to Christmas music while we worked. We would put a few strings up then walk out to the road to admire our work and see where more needed to go.

On Spaulding Street we became famous for our Christmas lights. One year we won 3rd place in our town decorating contest. People would stop their cars in front of house to look and take pictures.

Sadly, we did not continue the tradition in our new home when we moved 4 years ago. We tried by putting up a few light here and there but we never reached the glory we did on Spaulding Street. Our excuse was that this house had 2 stories and it was too hard to get up on the roof or we just simply didn't make it a priority with our busy lives.

Every year since we have moved I have heard Craig say that he misses our Christmas lights. It looked like we were headed into another year of excuses but then today Craig announced that he was going to put up Christmas lights. I had other plans so begrudgingly I said I would help. It didn't take long and we were both getting into it again.

My favorite houses are the one's that are so elegantly decorated with all white icicles. I left Craig on the roof and quick ran to Family Dollar and picked up 4 string of the icicles. They looked beautiful on our two story house. We found ourselves talking about what could come to be if we added more next year......... It was a beginning today but I bet next year our lights will be bigger and better than this year and so on........

Thank You Craig for giving us the tradition of our Christmas lights and for teaching me to love it!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mullauer's.........
We are family.....
Craig & Caleb

Grandma & Bell

Caleb & Jordan Thanksgiving Dinner

Dad carving the turkey

Monday, November 20, 2006

Morning Glory Photo

I don't know how well the detail of this photo will show up on my blog. I was looking at some pictures that I had taken this summer and I came across this photo of one of my morning glories. I love this picture. It looks like rays of sun are coming out of the center of the flower. You can even see the drops of dew on the leaves. I love the rich color of of the flower too. You know, photography is one of my hobbies. I wish I had a better camera and a better knowledge of photography. Maybe someday...........when I have more time to devote to it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"God's Beauty"

"Nature is the art of God" .....dante

As I was driving home from work yesterday I found myself feeling envious of all the hunters that were out in the woods. Everywhere I looked I saw pick-up trucks parked beside the woods. I was not wishing that I had a gun in my hands waiting for that majestic buck to appear but wishing that I was out there witnessing all of "God's Beauty" to be seen in those woods. Something was calling me but at the same time I was glad to be going home into the safety of my home away from the flying bullets. My prayer yesterday was for the safety of all those men out there in the woods and that they may truly appreciate "God's Beauty" while they are there.
"Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array"
Genesis 2:1

Monday, November 13, 2006

Jordan's New Smile


Jordan got her braces off today. I cannot believe what a difference it makes in her looks. She looks like she's 17 now!!! Not to mention how beautiful she looks. Even Caleb has complimented his sister on how "pretty" she is.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Orchid Show

This was my favorite flower at the Orchid Show that Jordan and I went to today. You may think it's boring compared to the rest of the photos but you have to appreciate the uniqueness of it. I've never seen a flower like this before.

These flowers were gorgeous. I loved the rich color of this one.
It's amazing that all these flowers are orchids and all look so different.

This reminds me of the lady slippers that you find among the wildflowers in the woods.

Mom & Jordan by Mom's Orchid Society display.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas before Thanksgiving

Craig and Caleb were complaining today because one of our local radio stations had already switched to all Christmas music. I'm the opposite........I love it. I hung up two signs by the back door, "Winter Welcome" & "Let It Snow". That's as close to Christmas as I am allowed to get before Thanksgiving. I did try to take some Christmas pictures of Seadra & Zoe today but Seadra hates the antlers and won't be still long enough to snap the picture. I did get this adorable one of Zoe..........

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

iPod Geek

Well, I finally did it. I joined the generation of "iPod Geeks". I've been spending some time lately messing around with Jordan's iPod that she got for her birthday and I got myself hooked. I planned to buy one for myself around Xmas but Meijer's had their 30GB iPods on sale this week for $175.....a great deal if you know anything about iPods. I actually took the ad to Best Buy and asked them if they would honor the Meijer sale price which they did no problem. I am now the proud owner of a 30GB iPod. Now I just have to learn how to use it. I know how to play music but downloading stuff on it is another story. The kids are pros so I will learn from them. Time for my lesson.........

Sunday, November 5, 2006

My Zo-Zo & My Boo-Boo

Seems like I always have a favorite picture from time to time. I have a new favorite picture of Seadra and Zoe (aka: My Zo-Zo & My Boo-Boo). I just had to post it. Are they not the most adorable dogs you have ever seen?

Friday, November 3, 2006

More Blessings

Jordan and the "Gang"

Dad & Jordan at State Marching Band Competition

Mom and Jordan in Detroit at Marching State Competition

Marching season ended last week on a wonderful pun intended :-) Hartford went into the state competition in 9th place and ended up taking 9th place. We were pleased that we didn't fall back to 10th but above all it was a great end to a wonderfully fun season. I didn't realize how much I was going to get into this band stuff. I couldn't watch their routine without getting emotional all season. I'm such a sap when it comes to my kids.

National Honor Society 2006 New Members

Caleb & Jordan (Proud Sister)

Caleb & Josh National Honor Society

Caleb was inducted into the National Honor Society this week. Another proud moment!!!

Lindsey, Aly & Jordan Halloween

Yes....Jordan is 15 and still gets together with her friends to go trick-or-treating. I guess there are much worse things she could be doing and as long as she wants to still be a kid then that is fine with me.

Above all else this week I was most thankful for two of the most wonderful teenagers in the world. I love you Caleb & Jordan more than you will ever know.......... You bring more joy to your Dad and I than we ever could have imagined!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I saw the most disturbing thing on my way home from work today. I was tooling along on I-94 almost to the Hartford exit. I was minding my own business just jamming away with the radio and singing "All My Ex's Live in Texas". All the sudden out of nowhere I noticed this big dually truck started to pass me. It was pulling a huge animal trailer. But this was different than any other animal trailer I had ever seen. It was open to the elements with only a few metal bars on the sides. It was also a double decker. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was full of baby pigs!!

There were so many baby pigs that they were scrambling all over the tops of each other. It was raining and freezing cold. The poor pigs couldn't keep their footing due to all the crap and the pigs legs were all sticking out the side bars. Most looked like their legs were about to be broken. I wished I had my camera with me.

The truck was going so fast that it was soon quite a ways ahead of me. Then I noticed that it was exiting on my exit. Now I had the opportunity to catch up and get an even better look. Next thing I knew we were both stopped at the stop sign off the exit ramp. My heart was breaking for those pigs. There I sat with my mouth open!!!

I wanted to rescue all those pigs and bring them home and foster them. Then I came to my senses and I remembered what we had just gone through fostering Ricky.

Where were those pigs going? What was their demise? Next time I am eating a pork chop I'll think of those baby pigs!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What have the Mullauer's been up to???

What have the Mullauer's been up to? I haven't posted in a long time. October is a very busy month for us; more so than our usual busyness.

Jordan front and center

Jordan is keeping us busy with marching season, but we love it. She competes every Saturday and not close to home. This afternoon we are headed to Grand Rapids for her competition. And next Saturday is the big state competition in Detroit at the Ford Field. So far Hartford is ranked 8th in the state and the top 10 bands in each division compete at state. As long as today's competition goes well then we will be headed for Detroit next weekend.

Without football this year Caleb has been freed up to do other things that he doesn't usually get to do. He's joined jazz band and jazz choir at school which he thoroughly enjoys. He loves strumming on that guitar and we all know what a beautiful voice he has!!! He's working on a Xmas play in drama class. Also Caleb and Craig have been doing a major transmission project on his car. They have already taken the transmission out 3 times and now a 4th time is in order. It's a good thing they love working on motors and it gives them "guy" time in the garage.

The leaves are falling and the temperature is turning colder. We saw our first snow last week, even if it was just a dusting. So of course the snowmobiles are already out of storage. Caleb and Craig are getting them all tuned and waxed up in extreme anticipation!!! Craig is busy with the snowmobile club getting the trails ready. He's out right now with the club brushing the Van Buren trail. Yesterday morning I didn't have to be to work until 10:00 so Craig and took the Jeep early in the morning and went riding around on the trail to scope out any fallen trees or other work that needed to be taken care of. It was so beautiful and peaceful!! The fall colors were awesome driving around with the sun coming up. It was very enjoyable.

GoodBye Ricky

We are happy to report that we no longer have our foster dog Ricky. Many of you already know the story but as time went on Ricky began to show fear and aggressive traits; to the point of biting Jordan in the face (puncture wounds and bruising). It was obvious that the poor dog had been abused. He was very high strung and ripped a hole in my brand new rocker recliner. But at the same time he could be very affectionate and adorable. Several families had applied to adopt him but it was decided by the organization that Ricky needed a lot of time and work to help him with his issues. We didn't have the time or commitment to do this so Ricky went to another foster home in Detroit. We hope the best for him. Everyone wants to know when we are getting another foster dog. After the traumatic events we went through with Ricky I'm not in any hurry to try it again.

Tuesday is Caleb's 17th birthday and Jordan's 15th birthday. In honor of their birthday we went to Red Lobster last night. Jordan's boyfriend Shane went with is. We ate and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for them with a bunch of their friends and family. Afterwards we are heading down to the Niles Haunted House for an evening of fun. We took the kids and their friends last year and it was a lot of fun.

And what have I been up to? Chasing the kids around, chasing 3 dogs around, working (I'm averaging 25 to 30 hours a week which suits me fine), attending my wonderful church, and thanking God for all the blessing in my life. Life is good!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homecoming pictures

Ready for the dance

We want a silly picture

Jordan and Aly

Jordan and Lindsey

Jordan and Shane

Lindsey, Maleni, Aly and Jordan

The Gang

Homecoming National Anthem

Jordan and Josh before the parade

The "I Love Lucy" Float

Jordan and Shane working on the float

Friday, September 29, 2006


It's been an awful week. I've been sick all week but still dragged my butt to work everyday. Yesterday was the worst. I had a sinus headache that wouldn't quit. At least my headache is gone this morning and that is a huge improvement. I have too much to do today to be sick.

Today is homecoming. Craig is getting off work early to pull the freshmen float in the parade. The kids made a nice float.......with help from us parents of course. Their theme was "I Love Lucy". They decided to make a float after the episode where Lucy and Ethel are working in the chocolate factory. We are playing Watervliet tonight so they made a conveyor belt with little panthers and Lucy and Ethel are eating the panthers. Here's a picture of the kids and their float in progress. I'll get some completed pictures later today.

Jordan got a new special dress for the homecoming dance. She has about driven me nuts over this dress issue. You would think she was buying a wedding dress. But finally last night she got all the accessories, shoes, etc. straightened out. She's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Tomorrow is Jordan's first marching band competition in Otsego. It's suppose to rain and be nasty all day so I don't know how that will end up.

We got our desk top back from repair. It's working great and running so much faster BUT....... Craig was in charge of backing up all my files that I wanted to save. He did a great job but FORGOT to back up my email addresses. They are all gone!!! I have some on my laptop but a lot I don't. It will be fun trying to round them all back up.

We still have our foster dog "Ricky". He's like having a puppy around. He's got more energy than our two dogs put together. Seadra is too old and set in her ways to fly around the house and Zoe is too fat. Ricky flies around here like he has wings. I'm very grateful that he came housebroken....that has been no problem at all. Right now he's curled up next to Seadra sleeping. Not a usual occurrence, Seadra usually doesn't tolerate him that well. No bites on his adoption yet. The rescue has about 30 dogs up for adoption right now.

Time for me to go and get a few things done this morning. It's going to be a busy day.......but a fun one. I love homecoming!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Fury Babies......

I don't have much time this morning but I wanted to post this picture. Ricky is the one closest to Jordan. Here's a link to his "available for adoption web page".

Ricky is such a good boy. He deserves a loving forever home..........

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Morning

Morning glory in my garden

It's my favorite day of the week, but I'm not feeling my usual self. I've got a nasty cold or flu or something. I did sleep good last night, that was a blessing. I went to bed at 9:30 and didn't get up until 8:00. That's a long time for me.

I got up and took all the dogs outside for our morning ritual. The mosquito's about carried me away so I didn't stay out for very long. Then I talked myself out of Sunday School which I hated to do because we are starting a new series today that I didn't want to miss. I'm still going to church but I thought the extra time I would have this morning would be good for me.

Poor Zoe is walking around this morning with one of her eyes all weepy and half closed. I cleaned it and couldn't see anything but she keeps pawing it too so it must be bothering her. I'll have to take her to the vet tomorrow if no improvement.

Ricky (our foster dog) has made himself right at home and is one of the family. He sure has a lot of energy. He flies around here bouncing from one piece of furniture to the next. His favorite spot is on the back of the couch so he can watch out the window. The amazing thing is that he is totally housebroken. We've had him over a week and he has not had one accident in the house. Makes me think that he must have been someone's pet........but why didn't anyone come to claim him at the shelter? He's a mystery.

Most of my family and friends think that I will fall so in love with him that we will end up keeping him. They will be surprised because we are not keeping him. As crazy as I may be about him the rewarding part of this is knowing what you do for these animals and giving them the chance for a wonderful life. Ricky will make someone a wonderful companion when he finds his forever home.

Craig's been gone most of the weekend at a car show in Kalamazoo with his job, Jordan is running around with a friend, and Caleb has to work after church this morning so I will be home nursing myself after church. I haven't touch this house or laundry all weekend so I need to get that done too before Monday rolls around. This weekend has gone too fast.

Have a great week............Love, Jessica

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ricky Bobby

Here he is!! I picked him up yesterday in Kalamazoo. He's a real sweetie. He doesn't seem to have a lot of issues that I was nervous about. He's very friendly, loves to sit in you lap, loves attention. He can't get enough of it. He's very skinny, we have to fatten him up. He's taller than Seadra but weighs 10 pounds less than she does.

He's a little anxious of loud noises but other than that is very content to be with us. Seadra and Zoe like him too. Seadra only doesn't like him when he sniffs what she is eating.

I think this is going to be a wonderful experience. So far so good.

The kids have named him "Ricky Bobby". I guess I can handle that name for a few weeks.