Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day

I wasn't home from work very long yesterday when the phone rang.  It was Craig.  "Don't be alarmed, Caleb is OK, but he's been in a car accident".  WHAT!!!???  After Craig assured me again that Caleb was OK he proceeded to tell me that Caleb ran a red light and hit another car on his way home from school.  Then my next question....  "Is everyone in the other car OK?".  Yes, they were fine too.  After the initial shock wore off then my heart was breaking for Caleb.  Not his new car.... his dream car that he's had less than 2 weeks!  This kid is almost 20 years old, never been in trouble a day in his life, never a speeding ticket, never an accident. How could this happen?  
The photo is decieving.... looks repairable, huh?  After hauling it to the body shop today it's been determined that they are totaling the car.  $8,000 worth of damage and the car is worth about $6,500.  

I keep telling myself... It's only a car and what's most important is that Caleb or no one else was hurt.  These are the most scary times of being a parent.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congratulations Jen!

Congratulations to Jen!  The winner of my "give away" in honor of my 500th post and 3rd blogaversary.  She will receive a subscription to "Birds and Bloom".  
This will be perfect for Jen.  If you visit Jen's blog you will notice her new found love of birds.  She just had bluebirds build a nest in her bluebird house, which I am so envious of, but happy for Jen

And thank you to all my blogger friends who visit and encourage me daily.  I plan on being here for a long time in blogger world.  My blog and all of you bring me so much joy.     

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Squirrel Feeder

I found a squirrel feeder online last summer that I just had to have but I didn't want to pay the $40 price.  I showed Craig a photo of it in hopes that he could make it for me.  
I found the glass jar at a flea market for $3.  The wood came from the scrap pile and the wire was snipped off an old rusty fence back by the woods.  
It look Craig less than 30 minutes to make it and hang it on the tree for me.  
Before the day was over the squirrels had found it.  
The small red squirrels dart inside for a peanut and then jump on top to eat.  The gray squirrels actually stay in the jar to eat.  
When the squirrels have their own feeding station it tends to keep them away from the bird feeders.  And I enjoy watching the squirrels too.  


In honor of my 500th post and my 3rd blogaversary I'm giving away a subscription to "Birds and Blooms"  For details click here.  Leave a comment or email and I will put you in the drawing.  Drawing is tonight.  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh What a Day!

My first hummingbird arrived today!  I'm not sure but I think there were two buzzing around, a male and a female.  Welcome home little ones.  
A little while later this handsome fellow shows up.  A male Rose Breasted Grosbeak.  He's a beauty!
And I saved the best for last.  My precious Orioles have returned.  All this in one day!  I could hardly contain myself.  
There have been two males fluttering around the yard all afternoon enjoying the nectar, oranges and grape jelly.  
Last year was my first year ever for Orioles despite the fact that I tried for years to attract them.  I had all but given up when last May one just landed in a tree a few feet from me and then few over to the hummingbird feeder.  As fast as you can say "Oriole" I turned my back yard into an Oriole sanctuary in hopes that they would stay all summer.... and they did.  

Oh, I love spring and I love my Orioles!

Special News Alert!

I just saw 
my first 
But Chuck wins the race this year.  
He saw his yesterday. 
I didn't get a photo... 
I'm heading out now with my camera.
Update: Just saw the first Oriole today too!
It's a great day today...... 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

500th Post Celebration!

Today marks a milestone on my blog.  
This is my 500th post!
And next month is the 3rd anniversary of my blog!
In honor of the joy that my blog brings me I'm having a giveaway.
Please leave a comment (or email if you prefer) and I will put your name into a drawing for a subscription to my favorite magazine....."Birds and Blooms".   I will draw the name on Monday.  Good luck.


P.S.  Some of my blogger friends have stated that they already receive Birds and Bloom.  If that is the case please don't hesitate to enter anyway.  There is another publication "Birds and Bloom Extra" that is published on the off month.  And if you already get that then we will find one that you don't already have.  I don't want to leave anyone out!  

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Other Woman

How do I know?

1. As he was rolling out of bed 2 hours earlier than normal I said "You're going out to meet her again, aren't you?".  He didn't deny it.  

2. For weeks now mysterious packages have been arriving.  I know he's buying her expensive accessories.

3. I'm pretty sure he's traded me in for a younger woman.  I overheard him say she's 26 years old.

4. He's planning a weekend away with her over Memorial Day weekend.

5. He can't sleep at night because she's always on his mind and when he is sleeping he's dreaming of her. 

I hired a private detective and this is the photo that he sent me this morning.  It's confirmed and there is no competing with her.  

All kidding aside.... This is the other woman in Craig's life.  It's the new engine that Craig is installing in the Jeep.  Craig says it is a 302 High Output from a '93 Cougar going into his '83 Jeep.  His goal is to have it all done including the body work before the Lane Automotive Car Show over Memorial Day Weekend.  I don't know how he knows how to do all this stuff.  It's amazing to me.    

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Track season is going strong

I haven't done a post yet this year on track.  Jordan is about 3 weeks into the season.
She improves each week and for the last 2 weeks has placed first in the 100 hurdles.  
Everyday wether Jordan comes home from practice or a meet she is always excited about it.  She really loves it.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We've lived in our current home for the last 7 years and I never knew this was right in my back yard.  I walked out to the woods at the back of the property and found this surprise!  I couldn't believe how many wild grape hyacinths were growing.  They were everywhere! 
They won't last long so I picked a few to bring into the house.  I took some up to the church too. 
The bees were already buzzing all around.  
I found a few other wildflowers walking around.  I need to look in my Mother's wildflower book and try to identify this one.  Does anyone know what it is?  It looks like a  wild white bleeding heart but I never knew there was such a thing.  Even the leaves look like a bleeding heart plant.  
I liked the spotted leaves of this yellow wildflower.
This plant had really beautiful delicate pink flowers.  
OK, I know that daffodils are not a wildflower and these were planted by someone years ago but they grow wild in the woods down the road from me.  A spring never goes by without a trip down there to pick daffodils.  

23 Years Ago.....

....We said "I Do"
And I'm so happy we did.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm so happy for Caleb

One of Caleb's dreams came true today.  
He said... "Mom, I can't believe it's mine!"
He's following in his Grandpa's footsteps.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at Gram & Pa-Pa's (Mom & Dad's)

Dad always cooks the turkey in a rotisserie, it's the best!
Jordan is showing off Grams peach cobbler.
Almost ready to eat dinner.  We were happy that Ty joined us for dinner.  
Jordan and Ty with baby chicks.
Ty, Caleb & Jordan enjoying the beautiful day outside.
Craig, Seadra and I taking a ride around the property in the golf cart.  
Mom and Dad call this "Daffodil Lane".  You can't see it very well but they have planted daffodils all along the edges so they can enjoy this trail in the spring.  
Daffodils along "Daffodil Lane".  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

Happy Easter!  In honor of Easter today I thought I would show you what our beautiful little church (Hartford United Methodist) looks like this morning.  In the last few months our sanctuary has gotten some updating and we are all very happy with it, including new carpeting.  
The Easter Lilies are beautiful.  This is Pastor Ron's pulpit area.  
I'm standing at the back of the church when I took this photo.  On average we have between 100 and 125 in attendance on Sunday.  Of course today being Easter we will have a full house and for that we are grateful! 
This is the only stained glass window we have in our Santurary.  I'm not sure what the date was but the original church burned (I think it was early 60's) and when they rebuilt the church this window was saved and put into the new building.  I love it.    
He is not here... He is Risen.  Alleluia!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready and Waiting

I know I'm jumping the gun but I'll be ready whenever they decide to arrive.  Here's my new hummingbird/oriole feeding station in the back yard.  By looking back at last years blog posts I know that I saw my first hummingbird on April 26th and my first oriole around the first of May.  I'm not worried about my hummingbirds returning, they are always here every year.  But being last year was my first year ever for orioles I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they return again this year.  I'll just cry if they don't.     
And look what's here waiting for those beautiful orioles!  My brother-in-law Jon gave this to me for Christmas.  It holds jelly, nectar and an orange.    

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just love this thing.....

This little creature has transformed my life.  We bought a Garmin GPS unit around Christmas last year.  For my whole life I have been a wimp when it comes to driving anywhere unfamiliar by myself, especially if it was much distance at all.  I would rather stay home than venture out to unknown territory on my own.  Taking a road trip by myself was out of the question.  It really was a shame because I love a road trip to new places, looking at the country side and enjoying the scenery, with Craig as my tour guide! 

Craig was the one that wanted a GPS unit but I liked the idea too.  Mostly for Jordan.  As a new driver she has the worst sense of direction and has gotten lost on several occasions.

This little thing amazes me.  Tells me how far I need to proceed on a particular road, tells me what lane to be in for turns on the highway, tells me my estimated time of arrival... I have fallen in love with her!  

And already I have ventured out and done things that I would have never done before.  I've jumped in the car and headed out to some antique shows in Grand Rapids and Coldwater.  What I'm most proud of is going to Florida last month.  I had Mom and Jordan with me but I did all the driving around the state to the my brothers house, the parks and airport, with little anxiety.  

Any one want to join me for a road trip?       

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mouse Hunt

When the kids were young we would go to see many movies together that the kids would enjoy.  For the most part I enjoyed them too but every once in a while we would see a movie that I really liked.  "Mouse Hunt" was one of them.  I just loved this movie.  We purchased it when it came out on VHS and have watched it many times.  

Little did I know that someday I would be on a "Mouse Hunt" of my own.  

I guess it was inevitable that mice would end up in the shed.  That's where I keep all my bird seed, and even though I am methodical about keeping my seed in plastic jugs occasionally some seed spills on the floor.  I started to see evidence of mice about mid way through the winter... little black dropping.  My suspicions were confirmed after a snow storm when a thin layer of snow blew in under the door.  When I opened up the door that day there were a million little mouse prints in the snow.  Well, maybe not a million, but a lot.

Ok, how was I going to get rid of the mice?  Craig suggested that I put some poison out there.  That was out of the question because I read in one of my birding magazines about poisoned half dead mice wondering around outside and owls eating them and then dying themselves.  I wasn't going to be responsible for killing an owl.    

I went to the hardware store and looked at all the different types of traps.  There were the sticky pads but I heard that they really didn't work.  There was the typical "snap" traps but I didn't like the idea of seeing a squashed mouse in one of those.  I ended up buying the live traps that you bait with peanut butter.  The mouse goes into the box and a trap door locks him inside.  I didn't know what I was going to do with a live mouse when I caught one but I figured that could be Craig's problem.  I baited the traps and set them out.  Nothing!  The traps have been out and check daily for weeks and not one darn mouse has been caught.  

So last Friday Craig and I are at Menard's and again I go to look at the mouse traps.  I decided to give up with the nice traps and just go ahead and buy 4 of the traditional snap traps.  Saturday night I baited the traps with peanut butter and set them out.  Sunday morning I go running out to the shed, just knowing that I would have 4 dead mice.  I couldn't believe it.  Every bit of peanut butter was gone and not one trap had been tripped.  Craig insisted that I had set them wrong so he reset them himself so that they would be even more sensitive to touch.  This morning I again go running out to the shed to see my 4 dead mice and it's just the same scene as yesterday morning.  How can the mice be eating the peanut butter and not trip the traps?????  Craig suggested that I go buy a different "higher quality" snap trap.  Come on, a trap is a trap, right?

Now, I'm having thoughts about what kind of a killer mouse or rat do I really have out there in the shed.  My imagination is getting carried away.    

So now I'm really on a "Mouse Hunt".  Any suggestions?  I'll keep you posted.