Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy productive weekend. I didn't even have a chance to play with my camera so I'm posting these photos of a dove that I took last week. These two photos were snapped within seconds of each other. I thought it was funny how he was all puffed up in the first photo and then smooth in the second photo. Maybe he was trying to show off for a lady friend.

Caleb left Friday to Florida with 50 of his classmates for their senior trip. He will be home Tuesday. We haven't even heard from him so I know he's having too much fun to bother calling home, which is a good thing.
Craig, Jordan and I worked in the yard and on the house all weekend. We have so many projects that we are trying to complete before Caleb's graduation open house on June 7th. We've been doing some extra landscaping, and painting the exterior of the house. Craig has about 2/3 of the exterior power washed and some of the painting started. Even though we are feeling crunched with all the stuff we want to get done it really is a good thing. We'll be all done early June and will be able to enjoy the summer without all this stuff hanging over us. If we didn't have a deadline we would take all summer to complete these projects.
I was very excited to get a ton of ornamental grass planted that my parents dug up and gave to me. We planted it so that it will make a natural barrier in some areas around the yard. They gave us at least 25 large clumps. I'll post photos when things start growing a little more.
Being busy helped keep my mind off of my itching!! This poison ivy is the worst I have ever had. I only have one day of steroids left which has definitely helped. It is not so raw any more but it is so widespread and the itching is so intense. I learned a lesson the hard way!!


Margaret said...

Thanks for the pictures! They made me laugh. Did you notice that his "lady friend is on the ground, coming around the corner in the first picture?
Sounds like you're going to have a beautiful house come June. Stay out of that poison ivy!

Shellmo said...

That was great - it looked like your dove was performing magic tricks!!

Frasier said...

Hi Jess
Dropped by to say Hi,
Ouch Poison Ivy is so painful!!!Hope that bout gets over soon!!!