Friday, April 25, 2008

Weird Object Friday

Sorry I'm so late in posting my WOF. I should have posted it this morning but I didn't realize I'd be at the hospital 13 hours today. It's good to be home and I'm glad it's Friday!!
This is one of my Dad's knifes. He has a collection of hand made knifes that he has purchased thru the years at art shows. I think this one is beautiful but weird because it had a real snake skin sheath with the snake head still on it. My Dad's knife collection is one of his prized processions. I'd told him that I'd like to inherit his knife collection but I'm sure my brother will have his eyes on the collection too..... I'll have to share it. :-)


Pigeon said...

That is definitely one of a kind. I hope your time at the hospital was due to work and not an illness!

Ben said...

I was going to say "one of a kind" too. I've never seen one quite like that!

Margaret said...

I like the design on the blade. Is it carved into the blade?
Looks like a rattlesnake. Is it?

gerry said...

It is a beautiful knife. The blade itself is amazing. Margaret is right that it looks like a snake also. Do you know where your dad got it? Is it old?

Jessica said...

Pigeon.. No I wasn't at the hospital due to illness. I am an OR nurse for a group of urologists. Thanks for asking.

Ben... Yes it is one of a kind. All of his knifes are one of a kind handmade.

Margaret... I'm not sure if it is a rattlesnake. Could be. I'm not up on my snakes.

Gerry... My Dad got most of his knifes from one particular guy that made them. He was always at an art show in Indiana where my parents went yearly. It's not that old. It was new when he got it maybe 15 years ago.

Liquid said...

Hey, that is one cool knife!

Good choice!

Have a super day!

Peanut said...

That is very neat looking