Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New bird for me....Eastern Towhee

I was so excited to see this new guy in my yard today. I apologize for the poor quality photos but I just had to post them anyway. I was inside and caught a glimpse of something that looked like a Robin eating under one of the back yard feeders. I grabbed the binoculars for a better look. I have never seen this bird before. I ran to get my bird book. Granted, maybe Eastern Towhee's are not uncommon for the seasoned birder but being I am new to this hobby I was thrilled to see him.
He was still there by the time I got my camera and ran outside. He didn't let me get very close before he scurried off.
This is what a really good photo of one looks like. I stole this one off the Internet.


Margaret said...

That's exciting! I remember my mother talking about seeing towhees at my Grandmother's house on the eastern shore of MD. I can remember being a kid and thinking it was a funny name.

Shellmo said...

How neat - I've never seen a towhee! You've got the birder's touch.