Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bird Sanctuary

This was my project last weekend. I wanted to move the bird feeders out of the lawn area and make a designated bird sanctuary. This little wooded area is at the back of the property. It mostly has been a yard waste area for as long as we have lived here. I worked Saturday and Sunday raking, trimming, digging and cleaning it all out. It is not much to look at yet. My next step to plant hostas all over in it. I already planted tall ornamental grass all around the back and side edges. I'll post more pictures later on when I have nice things growing. I hope the birds like it. So far they are approving.
The bad news is that now I am paying for it. I have the worst case of poison ivy since I was kid, maybe ever!! The vines didn't have leaves yet so I wasn't even thinking about poison ivy when I was in there. I riped out all kinds of vines and even had a fire going where I was burning it all. One of the doctors I work for gave me a script for steroids. It's all over my arms and face. Craig offered to take a photo of me for my blog but I decided to spare you all the gory details. I hope this medication works fast, this is miserable.


The Brat Pack said...

I love it! It will be gorgeous filled with hostas too. I bet the birds think it's paradise. :)

Uuuugh about your poison ivy, I don't think I've ever had it. (knock on wood) Hope you're feeling better soon!

PS I think you should have posted a pic. ;)

pigeon said...

I have had poisen ivy on my face before and I would look in the mirror and not reecognize my own face. I have been on steroids for it before too. I can relate. feel better!

Margaret said...

My mom used to get it like that, but so far I seem to be immune. But I don't try to chance it!
Feel better soon.

Shellmo said...

Your bird sanctuary is a great idea - I can't wait to see what it looks like once you have the flowers & plants put in - it'll be beautiful. Hope you get better soon from the poisen ivy - I know how miserable it can be!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

I can only wish I had that much ambition. As far as poison ivy is concerned, I've never had to worry much about it.
And I can't even think of an appropriate wisecrack for the situation.

But I figure after all this and when the job is completed, we can all enjoy the pictures of a job well done.

But all that work is for the birds.