Saturday, September 13, 2008

weather and my new obsession

I feel that it's really sort of trivial to talk about the weather here in Michigan today knowing what the south is going through with Ike and all. But we are having our own little hurricane. In the last 24 hours we've gotten 5 inches of rain and several tornadoes have made appearances in our area as well. It's been kind of a scary day with the warning sirens going off in town. Plus Craig and Caleb were at an outdoor car show today and got herded into a building to take cover. They are safe and it looks like the tornadoes have died down but it is still pouring rain. Wherever you are I hope that you are safe!
On another note, I thought I would show you my latest obsession. These are "Royal Copley" planters. I found the one on the right at a flea market for $6. The one on the left I got off ebay for $4. The are only about 6 inches tall. I love the colors and the glaze. I did some research on "Royal Copley". They were a pottery company from Sebring Ohio that made pieces from the 1930's to the 1950's that were mostly sold at five and dime stores. I found some other adorable pieces on ebay that I am keeping my eyes on. Of course, they made many other things besides birds but it is the birds that I am interested in.... imagine that.


Peanut said...

tornadoes are nothing to mess around with. Stay safe. Those are cute little planters.

Dee said...

Oh my ... I hope the bad weather passes you by quickly.

Thanks to Ike we had beautiful weather today. Once he passed through the gulf he pulled all the rain away from us. It was hot and humid today, but it was beautiful!

Your little planters are adorable.

Margaret said...

Those little planters are cute. I'll have to look out for those in all the stuff at my Dad's. I'll let you know if I find one.

Stay safe! Looks like Ike is going to bring the midwest some more tornadoes come Monday!

Pigeon said...

Tornadoes are pretty scary, stay safe.

Shellmo said...

These are adorable!