Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mac Review

Well, the macbook arrived yesterday. I love it. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go but I'm proud of the fact that I haven't wanted to throw it or anything yet. I'm finding that is is pretty easy to set up. Craig set up my email on the macbook as well as the ipod touch. Apple was having a special where you got the ipod touch free with the purchase of a macbook. I was fortunate enough to get in on that deal on the last day of the offer. The ipod touch isn't something that I would have purchased by itself but I'm finding that I am fascinated with it! It has wi-fi capabilities so I can get the net and my email when I am away from home. And the hospital just installed wi-fi at work! Perfect timing.

We have been toying with the idea of purchasing a mac for a few years now. Our laptop was on it's last leg so we decided to take the plunge. And we know a lot of people who are mac fans that have steered us in this direction. Another reason I wanted one was for my photography.

I am home sick from work today.... nasty cold... and no I didn't make that up just so I could stay home and play with my new toys. Jordan and Ty are sick as well. Speaking of Ty, he is a wealth of information with the macbook. He can answer almost any question I have. I'm waiting for him to get home from school so he can help me transfer all my contacts.

We've been so busy that I haven't had a lot of time to visit my favorite blogs the last few days. Maybe I can catch up on all the happenings today.


Pigeon said...

We have always had a pc but my daughter Megan bought a Mac last year and she loves it. Feel better. I guess the cold and flu season has officially started.

Ben said...

Congrats on the Mac. Most college kids I talk to prefer them, and I know several other die-hards. Seems like a good way to go. Nice way to enjoy a sick day, huh? Enjoy!

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Now why would a nurse get sick??
Enjoy your mac hope it works Well for you. :)

Shellmo said...

My sister has a mac and she loves it. I'm too afraid of the "unknown."
Hope you feel better soon - drink some hot tea!

Margaret said...

Hope you like the Mac. My daughter loves her's. Being an artist and photographer, she finds it much more usable than the PC.
Have fun with the Touch, too! We got one when my daughter got her Macbook. My husband has taken it over.

jschaeffer said...

Hey, you're a Mac! I just got a new MacBook Pro recently too. Not sure if you guys bought Microsoft Office for it, but here's a free office suite that is compatible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint: http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/en/index.php

Good luck and let me know if you need anything. Jon