Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st Place!

Yesterday was the first competition of the year for the "Hartford Indian Emerald Vanguard". They placed first in percussion and music and placed first overall with 6 band in their division!! It was awesome! Here's Jordan playing her oboe solo. It was beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to video her solo and post it soon.
Marching Ty! Drum Major's Amanda and Jordan
Award ceremony
Jordan being congratulated
Jordan and Ty... The following photos are Jordan's fan club.


Cousin Allen


Pigeon said...

Congratulations to Jordan. 1st place is impressive. She's very pretty and she looks like you.

Margaret said...

Yay for Jordan!!

I agree. She's very pretty. And she does look like you!

Shellmo said...

Many congratulations to your daughter and your family! I agree w/ the rest - your daughter is gorgeous just like you - both have the same smile!

Jen said...

I also agree that Jordan is a beauty and so are you mom! But
I think she looks like her dad.
A video would be neat to watch.

Ben said...

Nice job! It's cool that they worked in an oboe solo too.

Laura said...

Wow! Great day! Congrats, Jordan!