Sunday, September 14, 2008

Drowned Rats

Us rats here in Michigan are starting to drown. This is the 3rd day of constant heavy rain. I was talking to a farmer at church this morning and he said this is the most rain in a particular time period that we have seen in many years. I ventured outdoors with the camera a few minutes ago because my cabin fever was really starting to get to me. I tried to cover up the camera as best I could so it wouldn't get totally drenched. Can you see the water mark in the water gauge? It's almost at 3 inches. I emptied the gauge last night at 5 inches so we've gotten almost 8 inches since Friday.... a lot more is on the way today. This is looking south down our street.
These are popping up all over the yard.
The birds are getting lots of fresh rain water. Do you like my bird bath? I made it out of an old antique ceiling lamp shade and put it on an old ashtray stand. The birds love it! I put some rocks in it to give the birds traction. They are in it constantly.
Here I was just trying to be artistic. I still have the hummingbird feeders up. According to my books most all of the hummingbirds have gone south by the middle of September but I still see at least one a day so I'll leave them up until I don't see any for a few weeks.

Hope you are all safe and dry....


Anonymous said...

Your birdbath is gorgeous! I love the "antique" look of it.

Margaret said...

Great pictures! I can almost feel those raindrops.
I love that birdbath! You are very creative.

Shellmo said...

I am coveting your birdbath!!

Ruth said...

That is a lot of rain. It was supposed to move our way and we had 4-8 inches predicted. But the storm veered north and we only got 2 inches of rain...that was still more than enough.

Jen said...

And we got the hurricane winds here in Northern Kentucky!
I love the bird bath too... excellent idea!