Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kayaking the lazy river

I've been asking Craig to take me kayaking on the Dowagiac River for several weeks. We finally had the opportunity to go today.
We rented a two person kayak and took the 2 hour trip. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We only passed one house the whole time.
Craig did all the paddling and maneuvering. My paddle barely touched the water.
I just got to sit up front and enjoy the ride!
My feet never even got wet.
We'd like to go back in a few weeks when the colors are in all their glory.
Honey.... I think we should buy a kayak.


Pigeon said...

Your photographs made me feel like I was right there with you. Just beautiful.

Laura said...

Fun! That will be beautiful when the colors are changing!

Margaret said...

That looks like a fun and relaxing trip. Lucky you.

Shellmo said...

Loved seeing these photos and Yes, yes, yes - you should buy a kayak!! Best thing I ever purchased! (Dicks sporting goods typically has good deals on them - especially the day after thanksgiving sale - I got mine 1/2 off.)

Jen said...

Looks like a great spot to return to for fall colors!

Ben said...

Pretty convincing argument to get one of those things, which I've wanted for a while. Nice, peaceful scenery! (I've been to the town, Dowagiac, and I know how to pronounce it!) And thanks for the tip, Shellmo - will have to check the ads around Thanksgiving.

gerry said...

Reminds me of canoeing down the C&O canal. It looks like such a wonderful time.