Monday, September 8, 2008

To brighten your Monday

Yesterday we had our all church picnic. It is always at the home of one of our church members. They have the most beautiful home!! It is 12 acres of meticulously groomed gardens. The driveway alone looks like you are driving into a botanical garden. They have a Dalia garden that I especially enjoy. To brighten your Monday here are some photos that I took yesterday and a poem to go along.....
"You Gave Me Eyes"
You gave me eyes so I can see
The beautiful things you've created for me.
Help me to see all that is good
And focus my eyes on the things that I should.
You gave me ears so I can hear
The bluebirds morning song of cheer.
Help me to listen to all that is true
And hear only things that bring glory to you.
You gave me lips so I can praise
And worship you in so may ways.
Help me to speak words that are kind
That through my lips your light may shine.
You gave me a mind so I can know
The meaning of life on earth here below.
And my thoughts to be holy and right
And always pleasing in your sight.
You gave me life so I may live
In service to you for the blessings you give.
Help me to honor you every day
To follow your will, to trust and obey.

poem by Crystal Bowman from the book Meditations for Mom's


Pigeon said...

The Dahlias are beautiful. My mother-in-law grows them . She digs up the tubers every fall and replants them each summer. she always enters them in the geauga county fair.

Peanut said...

I want to live there.

Dee said...

What awesome flowers. Each one is prettier than the last!

Darla said...

Great poem and the flowers are beautiful!!!!

Jen said...

Ahh Jessica-
Good job! Your plan to brighten Monday worked on me. :)

Ben said...

Twelve acres! Mind boggling. Who wouldn't want a picnic there?

Margaret said...

That's beautiful post, and it did brighten my Monday.

Shellmo said...

What a beautiful slice of heaven they put together! I enjoyed seeing this and reading your lovely poem - thank you for brightening my day!

Laura said...