Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OK, so my house isn't smelling like a rose yet but I refused to put another skunk photo on my blog. The good news is that I am a little more encouraged tonight than I was last night. And the smell is VERY much improved, not totally gone but definitely making progress. Thanks to everyone for your sympathy and words of advise. Thanks Shelley for your investigation on the net and the great suggestions. I'm picking up furnace filters tomorrow.

I was very anxious at work today, wishing I could be home addressing the issue and at the same time not wanting to come and address the issue. It was a huge relief when I got home and discovered that it wasn't as bad in the house as I was imagining it was going to be. Best I can tell the issue is around the computer area and I bought some special stuff for carpet and fabrics at the pet store. I will be dousing the area before we head to bed tonight. And I bought 3 more products for Seadra at the pet store as well. She still smells awful and has not been allowed back in the house yet. If these products work tonight then maybe she will be allowed back in tomorrow. I feel bad for her.

I have washed everything washable in the living room... blankets, table covers, pillows. I don't have to be to work until 11:00 tomorrow so maybe I can finish up and start to relax a little.

Thanks again to my blogging buddies... things are looking up and smelling better.
Oh, and one more thing... Caleb and Craig are outside skunk hunting tonight.


Margaret said...

Please- No direct hits on the men-folk!!

Jen said...

Glad things are coming up roses. I hope they catch it! If not my hubby would be more than happy to assist. ha!

Ben said...

Glad to hear it's down to a bearable level!

Shellmo said...

My hubby has guns too - so maybe with's Jen's hubby - we could have a hunting party! Glad to hear that the smell is going away.