Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sorry I don't have anything interesting to blog about tonight. Ty and I are busy watching the season premier of Survivor. I'm not really a TV junkie and I especially don't like reality shows but I will confess that I like Survivor. It's the only fall show that I was looking forward to. Ty says that I wouldn't last a minute if I was a contestant on the show. He said that I'd have a hard time being away from my blog for that long..... I think he's right.


Jen said...

I watched it tonight too for the first time in many episodes! I'm hooked already! :D
And I don't venture too far from a flusher, so I wouldn't make it there either.

Pigeon said...

I was happy when the 60 year old lady didn't get voted out. I really thought she was a goner.

Shellmo said...

Jessica - you & me both - I don't think i could leave my computer. But I like to watch this show and imagine what I would do in each situation because I'm convinced I could win...ha,ha - in my mind!

Juliette Rossant said...

Image from:

Super Chef
"Iron Chef America Meets Survivor"
May 13, 2005