Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good News & Bad News

The good news is that I went to one of my favorite antique stores today and most everything in the store was 1/2 price.  The bad news is everything was 1/2 price because the store is going out of business and closing it's doors the 1st of March.  Although I was thrilled with the sale, it saddens me to see the store go away.  It was one of my favorite places to go on an afternoon and dig around.  This particular store has 4 floors including the basement.  In the basement is where I think a true treasure is.  It's full of old out of print books and magazines.... literally 10,000 books!  They have little stools that you can sit on in each isle.  I have spent many hours looking through the books and I've gotten some amazing books.  And I love to pick up books for others as well when I see a topic that I know so and so would enjoy.    
Today I looked at the magazines which I haven't paid much attention to in the past.  Look what I found!!  Old copies of "Michigan Natural Resources" from the 70's 80's and 90's.  Awesome... right up my alley!  And a bunch of "National Wildlife" magazines from the same era.  They had a price tag of $1 each on them, but they gave them all to me for $10.  There must be 50 magazines there.  I can't wait to dig into them.  
And this is my other purchase that I was excited about.  It's an old bean pot with a lid.  I've been keeping my eye open for just this!  My Grandma has one that she cooks lima beans in every time we have a get together.  Now I have to get Grandma's recipe!

P.S.  If anyone local is wondering what store I'm talking about it's the Bangor Antique Mall on Main Street in Bangor.  They are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's.  You might want to check it out before they close the doors.  I know I'll be back next weekend again!    


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sound like you had a great adventure.Finding a bargain is exciting.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jessica. Sorry to hear about ANOTHER store going out-of-business. There are so many these days. SAD! BUT--I'm glad you got in there and found some 'treasures'...

I used to have a fabulous beanpot and it disappeared in one of my moves. SO--I went online and ordered a new one. The new one is not nearly as good. BUT--a bean-pot makes fabulous baked beans!!! Yum!!!!

Hope you have a good week. I'll bet you'll be reading all of those Michigan magazines!!!


Pigeon said...

I went to the local mall with my son on Sunday. The empty store fronts there are starting to add up. The type of store you describe is something I would have loved too. By the way, how is your knee?

Margaret said...

It's fun to find bargains like this. Too bad about the circumstances. Some of my favorite non-chain type stores around here are disappearing, too. The woman who taught me to knit has shut her shop down. Sad.

Mary said...

First, I love that quilt you are posing everything on! What a shame that the best stores like this always fail to make it. Great beanpot and magazine finds! I used to save my National Wildlife from way back then, but eventually got rid of them. I did save all the stamps that they used to send out twice a pretty! I just don't know what to do with them.

Anonymous said...

In response to your questions about MIWR ---

We've only done the driving trails. We haven't done any of the hiking trails. BUT, I know there is a hammock trail and you might really enjoy that. You'll see some birds there under the canopy that you may not see on the driving trail. We have a hammock trail behind my house that we enjoy a lot. I imagine the one at MIWR is very similar.

If you get a chance drive down to Playlinda Beach. Do NOT go to the far north end ... it is a clothing optional beach with A LOT of freaky old men. Stay to the first parking lot (#1). If you want to hike south on the beach about a mile, you could get a glimpse of the space shuttle on the launch pad. Unfortunately it won't be a close-up look. The shuttle is on the far pad, but you can see it. You can also see the launch pads from several pull offs on the main road into Playalinda.

You should still get a good amount of birds when you are here. Look for the roseate spoonbills --- they are bright pink! You may get lucky and see a bald eagle, but we haven't yet there.

Lots and lots of waterbirds though. We did see a rather large woodpecker last time, but he was WAY too quick for me to photograph.

One thing to notice is the mud flats. We are in a drought. Normally there would be NO mud flats showing. Last time we were there about 3 weeks ago there were a lot of dry flats.


Clover said...

Hi Jessica,
This is Clover, one of Seadra and Zoe's friends. I have been missing the girls and I just thought I would come over here and say hello.
I love all your beautiful photographs!
Love Clover xo

Don said...

Hello, from Grand Rapids, MI. It is very pleasant to visit your site and enjoy your postings and familiar references. Too bad about the antique store. We've noticed the same thing happening in surrounding towns.