Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few of my bird feeders

I bought this caged suet feeder last summer when I was having a problem with starlings eating up all the suet I put out (luckily starlings have been minimal this year).  It keeps the big birds out while still allowing the smaller birds access to the suet.  It hung forever without any birds paying any attention to it.  But finally this winter the birds have taken to it.  The downy, titmice, and chickadees all enjoy it.  
And I enjoy watching the birds maneuver in and out of it.  It's quite entertaining.  
Yesterday several of you asked about my ladle feeder that was pictured with my blue jay eating on it.  Actually, it is an ice fishing ladle that I picked up at a junk store for $1.  I painted it black and hung it over the side of my platform feeder and secured it with a screw.  My birds love it!!  I really think it is their favorite feeder.  Everything from woodpeckers to cardinals to sparrows come and grab a peanut off of it all day long.      
Here's another shot of the whole feeder system.  Above the ladle is little perch with holes drilled in it that I fill with peanut butter.  That's a favorite of the downy's.  A thistle feeder hangs on the other side and a suet log hangs off the front.  Something for everyone!  And of course hanging on the pole is a squirrel baffle.  Craig made it for me out of chimney piping.  It works wonderful and there has NEVER been a squirrel on the feeder.   
OK, Seadra!  I see you licking your chops and I see that peanut butter on your head.  Were you sticking your nose in the bird peanut butter jar?  


Pigeon said...

Thank-you so much for this post. It really provides some great and creative ideas!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your feeding station meets the needs of many birds.I like the creativity you have.

Shellmo said...

You have such a nice set up for the birdies! I just love that ladle!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very creative, Jessica. I am always looking for new ideas for my feeders. You are right---they seem to like the open plate the BEST of all.

I love that ladle---but I'll bet we can't find the ice fishing ladle down here in TN... I'll start looking though... Great Idea!

Love your puppy!!! Too Cute.

Jen said...

You have been a great inspiration to me in the bird feeding and watching stuff. I am shocked I am doing this!! :d But I am really enjoying it. thx!

Dee said...

I think the licking tongue says it all.

Margaret said...

I love that cage within a cage. I need one of those. My cage was taken down and beaten up by 2 squirrels.

Seadra is so cute! What a good picture.