Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Jordan with her best buds getting ready for homecoming last Friday.
Jordan was on the Princess Court so here she is all dressed up like a princess.
In the parade..... The theme for this years homecoming was "Candy". So appropriately the junior class chose "Junior Mints" for their float. If you can't tell what the float is... it is a giant box of junior mints crushing a wildcat (the mascot of the opposing team). I thought their float turned out great and so did the judges... the juniors won first place in float building. Way to go Juniors!!
It was one of the best homecomings Hartford has ever had... They had fireworks during the game, we won the game, beautiful weather, wonderful community support. We love homecoming!!


Shellmo said...

Sounds like a great homecoming! Your daughter looks beautiful!

Jen said...

Jordan looks like the Belle of the Ball!
The float is great-I would have voted for it...I love candy. :D

Margaret said...

What a great time of year! Jordan is gorgeous, and that float is very imaginative! No wonder it won!

Pigeon said...

It's a really fun time of year for the high school kids. Your daughter is stunning.