Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoe proofing the house

I don't have to be to the hospital until 10:30 this morning. This gives me a change to get my last few loads of laundry done that I didn't finish over the weekend. And visit a few blogs, do some blogging.....

Who could stay mad at this face?

Zoe has been a bad girl lately. Not really but she's doing some naughty things. Zoe was a chewer when she was a puppy and even for a few years after that. She had to be crated when we were not home or she was destructive. About a year ago we started trusting her to have the run of the house when we were gone and for the most part she's been fine. But in the last few weeks she's getting a hold of things and chewing them. A few weeks ago it was the case for a movie we had rented (I had to explain that one to the movie rental store), yesterday it was the leather photo album that I had just put together that day of our vacation pictures. And her favorite thing to do is get up on the kitchen table to see what goodies she can find. If we leave a kitchen chair pulled out from the table she thinks that is an invitation to jump up on the chair and then onto the table. Friday I had brought home one of those long loafs of bread from Panera and she helped herself to it. I found it under the coffee table in the living room. It really is impossible to stay mad at her. She's the sweetest most adorable dog. I just have to do a double walk through when I leave the house to make sure it is Zoe proofed.


Balboa & Mommy said...

She really is adorable, I mean that face is just precious. I know when Balboa does a naughty thing I can only stay mad for a moment. They really do bring us so much joy.

Balboa is a chewer too, he will chew and DIGEST anything!?!?!?!? So, when I leave him either in the bedroom or the condo, I have to do a "Frenchie Walk" to make sure he can't reach anything bad/dangerous.


Margaret said...

Boy, oh boy, can I relate!! I made a call to our 24-hour vet service this morning at 7:30. Bella got on a chair, took down my purse, OPENED my purse, and proceded to opena package of Advil Cold and Sinus and chew open one blister pack- all in the span of 10 minutes when I was upstairs getting ready!! The vet said that because most of the pill was there, she should be OK. I know what you mean by pushing all the kitchen chairs in. I've lost all sorts of goodies that way. What is it about pugs??

Marvin said...

och! She is just being a dog!

I know its irritating, Marvin has chewed his way through countless stuff of ours, and he has also sicked up everywhere over the years.

But, like you, you love 'em! So you put up with it.

Marvin has gone through mobile phones, shoes, newspapers, magazines, recipe books (mmmmm Yummy!), dead rabbits and their bones ....oh that was just today!, scarves, hats, mittens, blankets of his own, cushions, he is getting better now he is older.

So perhaps Zoe will have to be a bit older before it improves.

I could forgive her anything!

Peanut said...

That is what saves peanut when he is awful his cute face. Otherwise I could have gotten rid of him long ago.