Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Patience and Persistence

I'm leaving the hospital at 10:00 this morning and I am walking out to my car in the parking garage. This mini van was parked next to me. Look what was there to greet me. A Red Tailed Hawk. And you cannot see it in the photo but he had his claws wrapped around a small bird. He must have flown into the garage after the bird. Why else would he be in the garage? And Margaret.... I think this was the same bird you saw in your yard a few days ago. He told me that you sent him up to Michigan to visit me. Thanks Margaret!!
Speaking of the birds.... I am going to confess that I am a failure at attracting birds to my yard. After our vacation it made me realize that I really wish I could do better at it. I love birds!! And I am so envious of my Dad's backyard birds and my brother in law Brian gets amazing birds at his feeders too. So off to the "Family Farm and Home" store I went yesterday. I bought 2 new feeders and fancy birdseed.
One of my new feeders is this window one. I didn't have it up but 30 seconds and it fell to the ground breaking the base where the birds are suppose to perch. I glued it together with gorilla glue, which didn't work, so I just rigged it together. I hope it can withstand the weight of a bird.... I'm already feeling like a failure again. Maybe if I have patience and persistence I will someday see a bird in my yard.


Shellmo said...

Neat story about the hawk! It must be fate since you're a bird lover.
Also - 1 tip for helping attract birds to your yard is a bird bath. Especially a heated one in the winter. I have a ground one that I plug in and it looks like a shallow rock pond. The starlings, cardinals, blue jays, downy woodpeckers, mourning doves (except they poop in there too often for my liking) - are all regular visitors. They bathe and drink out of it.

Jeannie said...

oh I liked the hawk story! and the pics!

How funny you should post about this though.

I have two successful bird feeders which I fill with peanuts, and we attract many unusual birds here in the UK to our garden.

However, the seed feeder, the third one in our garden is another story.

This feeder only takes sunflower seeds to attract the Robin, Woodpecker and some more rare birds in UK.

I filled it this morning with black sunflower seeds, then I dropped it on the floor on the way up to the bird feeding station.

The perches had fallen off the sides, so I had to spend time clicking it all together again.

Success! Hung the darn thing up.

This afternoon I looked at bird seed feeder while I ate my lunch - no seeds in it whatsoever - the darn birds have learned to tip the feeder over and tip all the seeds out on to the lawn and help themselves without having to peck away at it! At this rate I will go through 1 kg bags at day!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tip on the bird bath. I have one but it isn't heated. I'll have to check on that.

I have one of those black oil sunflower feeders and the squirrlel's always knock mine over. I know the frustration.

Margaret said...

Don't worry, I think you'll get birds. Like the movie says, "if you build it, they will come".

I'm glad that Mr. Hawk made it! I figured the directions to the hospital would be easier than to your house.(he he)
Though I am a little disappointed in him. He was supposed to finish his meal BEFORE he said hello!

Frasier said...

Hi Jess
We put bird seed down and Frasier runs thro scaring all the birds off!

Pigeon said...

It takes awhile for the word to get out but eventually your feeders will develop regular customers. The first couple weeks that I had mine up were pretty disapointing.

FishermansDaughter said...

If you wet the suction cups before sticking 'em to the glass they form a better, stronger, longer lasting seal...great, now I sound like a denture adhesive ad. Cool blogs, great pics.

Peanut said...

How cool to see the hawk in the parking garage. Hope you have luck with the bird feeders.