Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chapel in the Pines

I know I said I was done with vacation posts but I wanted to show you all the "Chapel in the Pines". It really moved me. This is a tiny little log cabin chapel in the middle of the old growth white pine forest at Hartwick Pines in Grayling. It was quite a hike to get there especially as cold as it was that day. I was aware of the chapel from reading about it at the welcome center but I figured there was no way that we were going to end up walking all the way back there to see it. We started on what I thought was going to be our short little walk and before long signs were telling us it was just ahead. I really wanted to see it so we proceeded on. Apparently someone anonymously donated the materials back in the 50's for this charming little chapel. It looked like it couldn't seat more than 15 people
It only had one window in the shape of a cross. Below the cross was the most amazing plaque inscribed with a nature prayer. I stood there reading the prayer and when I was done I had to compose myself before I could utter a word. I wonder how many others have had the same experience that I had there. It really was a gift.
As Craig and I were walking away I said "Craig, I want to get married there.... Oh yea, I'm already married".
"Nature's Prayer"
Our Heavenly Father Creator of all that is nature. We humbly come to you in the midst of nature's splendor to thank you that as Americans we are free to worship as we please, work as we please, and move about as we please to enjoy all that is nature....It's mountains, it's hills, it's valleys, it's lakes, it's streams, and the living things that dwell therein; We pray unto you that someday the world may be at peace and all men be free to enjoy nature's abundance. We ask you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that we be guided to protect this priceless heritage which we in America are privileged to enjoy. Amen


74WIXYgrad said...

Jessica: I want you to know that I'm not tired about hearing about your vacation. And I do enjoy looking at the photos of this magnificient chapel. I'd worship there as you may possibly get closer to the Lord there than in a "megachurch."

Shellmo said...

I love this place!I concur - I'm not tired of your vacation photos!
(FYI - on March 22 - Hartwick is having Maple Syrup Day whereby you get to tap the trees and sample the treats.)

The Brat Pack said...

ITA, nowhere near tired of your trip pics! This is just amazing, thank you for sharing.

frasypoo said...

Maybe you can renew your vows there.Its beautiful

Jen said...

This ia great!!
Thank you for showing this to me. This Really is a log chapel.
I wonder if there is a list of all these quaint little chapels somewhere?