Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happenings from home

It's been a boring week, but I'll take boring over crazy busy stressed out anytime. It's a really slow week at work too, which I was not expecting so I'm trying to find things to do to fill the time. You don't hear me saying that very often, usually there isn't enough time in the day! Here's a list to catch you up on the Mullauer's...

Caleb & Jordan at Silver Lake last summer
1. Caleb has taken a leave of absence from his job to get him through these last few months of school. Mainly the musical. Rehearsals are getting frequent and intense and there was just no way that he could keep it all up. Craig and I always told him that school was his first job and that work was optional during the school year so we stand behind him on this decision. Soon his job at the golf course will be starting up and the timing will be better.

Jordan's speciality
2. Jordan's busy too. Last week she had Science Olympiad competition. Her and Emily placed first in music and instruments. They built their own instruments and had to play music with them. First place out of 19 schools!!! I was impressed. She also went with the band to festival. The band received all 1's... she was pleased. She is also in the musical as a hot box dancer and loving that. She's trying to fit oboe and dance lessons into all this and then to top it all off track started this week. I don't know how she does it all.

Father & Son
3. Craig was gone to Indy last week for a trade show. His company was displaying there. This morning Craig left for California for another trade show. This one he is not displaying in. He is looking at products. He woke me up at 3 AM to kiss me goodbye and about scared me to death. And the big news is that he finally finished my car this week. That was a huge job and I'm so grateful that he knows how to do these things. My car is purring like a kitten.

Seadra & Zo-Zo
4. Seadra is doing better and has only a slight limp from her shoulder injury. She either dislocated it or pulled a muscle. She was laying around here crying for days. I'm expecting she will be all better soon. And Zoe is..... well just Zoe. She's my happy go lucky, never has a care in the world dog.

She didn't really put her lips on it
5. The hamsters had to be separated this week. For a long time we thought they were playing with each other but it has become evident that they are fighting. One bullies the other. It got so bad this week that I think one was near death. She just laid in the corner for 2 days. The other one would jump on her constantly. The final straw was when we noticed that she had bloody paws and a hole bitten right through her ear. Jordan was beside herself and quickly relocated her to another home. She still isn't moving around a lot. I'm thinking she's trying to recover from the trauma. I keep telling myself.... "It's only a rodent".

Mommy & Seadra from last summer
6. And I am ready for spring!! You know our whole family loves the snow and we have fun playing in it but the time has come to be done with it. The snow melted so much this week that I could see the grass in spots. But that also revealed how much yard work there is to do and I am ready to tackle it!! I'm starting to get a little cabin fever. Yesterday I took a drive over to Sarett Nature Center. I thought I might watch the birds and take a walk on the nature trails. I didn't know that Wednesday was classes for home school children so I couldn't get into the observation rooms to watch the birds and then I decided it was too cold to walk the trails. I did pick up a list of classes and things to do. Hurry up spring!!

Caleb & Jordan Wizard of Oz from last year
Tonight I am going to the musical rehearsal. Since this is Caleb's last high school musical (I'm wiping away tears) I decided to volunteer and get a little more involved. I am in charge of newspaper articles and advertising so I'm going to take photos and write up a press release. And I am also in charge of organizing food for dress rehearsals the last week leading up to the show. The kids are fed dinner and snacks the last week to help with the stress. I have to call all the parents and arrange that. And then my favorite thing is that I am the official photographer. For me that is fun and creative. Last year I made 4 big poster boards and displayed them in the halls showing the kids rehearsing, having fun, and getting ready. Anyway, you can see I'm getting excited about the musical.


Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

You have such beautiful children! Wish we could hear your son sing. What a wonderful talent! I know you must be so proud!

Margaret said...

You have alot to look forward to. ANd alot to be proud of! Enjoy the musical.
I'm glad that Seadra is on the mend, and it sounds like maybe the little hamster is too.

Liquid said...

How beautiful and FUN your home seems!

I love it!

Peanut said...

Oh that was a nice recap of everything going on. Sounds like even if this week was boring it won't be for long.