Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Dreaming

I'm just dreaming.  These are all photos from last year snowmobiling in Grayling Michigan.  
We do not have enough snow to snowmobile close to home.  I've only been on one short ride so far this season and I am having withdraws.  
Craig is getting tired of me asking him to take me to the U.P. so we can ride.  Unfortunately, it's a busy time for him at work.
Every day I check all the trail reports, weather reports, check my work schedule for possible time to get away.....
The trails are calling me!!!


Shellmo said...

Those trails looks so beautiful to ride! I can see why you miss it so much! I hope you can do it soon. (Greg & I are going to try to rent some when we're up at the cabin.)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The scenery on the trails is so prettty,even I would like to ride there.Of course I'd have to stop often to take pictures.LOL

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Jessica, I can understand why you are anxious to get out on the trail. Beautiful pictures!!!! Hope you get there soon--so that we can see more beautiful pictures!!!

Pigeon said...

We are getting lots of snow here, I wish I could give it all to you!