Saturday, January 17, 2009

House Finch or Purple Finch?

Can any of my birding friends help me with this?  I've been pretty proud of myself with all that I have taught myself in that last year about birds.  One thing I have trouble with is distinguishing between House and Purple Finches.  I'm confident that I have a LOT of House Finches around but this guy had so much red on him that I was wondering if it might be a Purple Finch.  Or maybe he's a House Finch that ate a lot of cherries.  What do you think?  And how do you tell the difference?  


Shellmo said...

Purple finches color is suppose to be more raspberry in color according to my bird book - does that help? LOL! I have a hard time w/ this one too - I always have to see them together.

Anonymous said...

Whatever finch he is, he is beautiful.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

My guess is House Finch.He sure is pretty whatever his name.I read once that a Purple Finch looked like it had been dipped in wine,therefor they are more wine colored.Don't know if any of this helps any.:)