Sunday, August 19, 2007

Through The Viewfinder

I set up something today that I am excited about. A new blog!!! What, you say? Am I crazy? I already spend too much time on my "Five Pines" blog and "Seadra and Zoe's" blog!! Why do I need another one?

Well, it isn't really a blog, but it is a blog. You know how much I love photography, especially of my family, Seadra and Zoe, nature, animals......OK anything. One of my favorite things to do is post my photos on my blogs. Sometimes I don't always feel like telling the story or writing when I want to post one of my photos.... so begins the life of my new blog.

I have entitled it "Through The Viewfinder". What I am going to do is post a different photo each day. I will title the photo but no other words will be necessary, as a photo is worth a thousands words. My new blog will speak volumes without words.

Unless otherwise noted all the photos will be taken by me. Jordan is fast becoming a wonderful photographer and I may want to share one of hers once in a while.

I'm excited. This will be quick, easy, creative and fun. I have added the link on my "Five Pines" site. Stop by anytime.....I love sharing.

My first photo will be posted tomorrow (8-20-07)

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Balboa & Mommy said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH, I can't wait! I think that is an awesome idea.