Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spotted in Chicago

According to the hummingbird migration map a hummingbird was spotted in Chicago yesterday.  And since we live directly across the lake from Chicago I'm thinking mine will be here soon.  Last year the first sighting in my area was April 15th but just in case they want to make an early appearance this year I'm going to hang up one feeder starting this weekend.  When they start arriving then I'll hang up the other two feeders.  Has anyone south of me seen any hummingbirds yet?    


Ben said...

Haven't seen any here south of Lake Erie. But I'd love to. Heck, even the buzzards aren't hanging around our neighborhood like they did last spring - at least not yet.

Shellmo said...

I hope one is headed your way jess!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Jessica.... That means we could have some here in Fairfield Glade NOW... I'd better start putting out my nectar... Guess I'll wait til the end of next week since we're supposed to have another cold spell on Sun/Mon.... DARN!!!

Thanks for the update.

Pigeon said...

I usually don't see any until June, I think that's because I have fuchias hanging on my front porch by then, and they are attracted to them.

Margaret said...

Hope your yard is humming with visitors soon!