Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready and Waiting

I know I'm jumping the gun but I'll be ready whenever they decide to arrive.  Here's my new hummingbird/oriole feeding station in the back yard.  By looking back at last years blog posts I know that I saw my first hummingbird on April 26th and my first oriole around the first of May.  I'm not worried about my hummingbirds returning, they are always here every year.  But being last year was my first year ever for orioles I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they return again this year.  I'll just cry if they don't.     
And look what's here waiting for those beautiful orioles!  My brother-in-law Jon gave this to me for Christmas.  It holds jelly, nectar and an orange.    


Dee said...

That last feeder is really cool. I didn't know orioles liked oranges.

I guess our birds will be leaving us soon to come visit you.

I will miss the mockingbirds singing in the morning.

Pigeon said...

Wow, you have quite a set up there. I hope you get lots of hungry diners.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gosh Jessica, If the Orioles don't come to that feeder, I will... Got a nice piece of toast for me???? ha ha

I need to start thinking about getting my hummingbird feeders out soon. I'm sure they will be here before too long.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With a spread like that,the birds would be foolish not to come to your house.

Shellmo said...

I'm having feeder envy right now! You have a fabulous set up!! I can't wait until your hummingbirds and orioles arrive! Has your dad seen any bluebirds yet??

P.S. What's the name of that nature center you go to quite a bit - begins with an "S".

Ben said...

I think you will get their attention!

Jen said...

I'm ready too, well, not like you. :)
Thanks for your nice comments on my hummingbirds from Arizona.

The earliest we ever had one come was April 26th too. I always remember the date, because that's my sisters B-day.
Have fun!
How's the mouse situation?

Margaret said...

How could the NOT come to your smorgasbord? Good luck!

Zoe Ann Hinds said...

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Kelly said...

I'm going to start watching for ours too! They've been reported in Cincinnati, but I've not seen any yet. I hope you get your orioles. Maybe I'll try one of the oriole feeding stations like you have. We've never had one yet!! Good luck!