Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just love this thing.....

This little creature has transformed my life.  We bought a Garmin GPS unit around Christmas last year.  For my whole life I have been a wimp when it comes to driving anywhere unfamiliar by myself, especially if it was much distance at all.  I would rather stay home than venture out to unknown territory on my own.  Taking a road trip by myself was out of the question.  It really was a shame because I love a road trip to new places, looking at the country side and enjoying the scenery, with Craig as my tour guide! 

Craig was the one that wanted a GPS unit but I liked the idea too.  Mostly for Jordan.  As a new driver she has the worst sense of direction and has gotten lost on several occasions.

This little thing amazes me.  Tells me how far I need to proceed on a particular road, tells me what lane to be in for turns on the highway, tells me my estimated time of arrival... I have fallen in love with her!  

And already I have ventured out and done things that I would have never done before.  I've jumped in the car and headed out to some antique shows in Grand Rapids and Coldwater.  What I'm most proud of is going to Florida last month.  I had Mom and Jordan with me but I did all the driving around the state to the my brothers house, the parks and airport, with little anxiety.  

Any one want to join me for a road trip?       


Pigeon said...

We had one with our rental car, when Chris and I went to L.A. last May. I'm convinced we would have never found our hotel with out it.

Jen said...

Agree! - we use ours all the time.
Great gift idea for men I'd say, since they will never stop and ask for directions.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We love ours too, Jessica. We have a Garmin---and it's wonderful. No more worrying about maps and finding places!!!! I don't think we could live without it now. It takes us exactly where we tell it to take us.

One time there was an accident --and we were in a strange place. The cops were making us turn around. We asked our GPS for a detour--and it did it... Marvelous!

My friend had a CHEAP GPS ---and it was horrible. I'd rather have nothing than to have one of those cheap off-brands... The Garmin is the BEST in my opinion.


Shellmo said...

I have been begging Greg for one of these!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This sounds like a 'tool' everyone should have.

Ruth said...

My husband bought me one, but I sometimes like to get lost and discover something new. If I am birdwatching and have an appointment I set the GPS for my destination and it lets me know how many minutes I have to allow to get there. Never late...always just on time!

Mary said...

Aren't they great? We bought a TomTom and I just love hearing that lady tell us where we should turn (I always expect her to sigh very loudly when we disobey and go a different way :-) It's guided us around a lot of strange places so far and been very helpful.