Friday, November 14, 2008

WOW... It was awesome

This was the week! For nearly a year our church has had a dream to bring the youth motivational Christan speaker Justin Lookadoo to our community. The church kids first became aware of Justin from attending the ICHTHUS Christan music festival in Kentucky the last 3 years. He is one of the main attraction speakers there. The kids cannot get enough of him when they are there. And they all love his books too. He has a way of connecting with the kids that is amazing and his message is amazing as well. He is a true gift.
After much prayer and generous donations from many we were able to bring him to Hartford... who says small towns can't do miraculous things?

Jordan and JustinJordan, Justin and Caleb
Church youth group with Justin
Justin did 2 assemblies for the school during the day and an evening assembly for the community. The high school assembly was titled "RU Dateable" and was about teenage relationships. I knew watching him would be captivating but I had no idea how funny he was going to be. The middle school assembly was more about values and character. The evening assembly was more faith based and a mixture of everything.
He has a way of putting things that make you really understand his points. He made an illustration during one of his shows where he took out a $100 dollar bill. He proceeded to crumble it, stomp on it, spit on it. He made the bill totally disgusting. Then he asked who wanted the bill. Of course all the kids still wanted it. He stated that no matter what he did to the $100 it never lost it's value. He told the kids that was how God saw them. No matter how worthless or disgusting they may think their lives are God values them. In Gods eyes they never lose their value. In between shows the church youth group had a private dinner with him at the church.
It was amazing watching him interact with them.

It's a day we won't soon forget. We are thanking God.


Ben said...

It's always great to get the good, positive message out there when there are so many negative ones floating around - and it's rare to find someone who can connect that well with the teenagers. Sounds like a great day.

Margaret said...

You can tell by his facial expressions that he would be captivating. Glad you all had a good time and heard a good message, as well.

Dee said...

Looks like the kids had a wonderful time.

Congratulations on getting the speaker you really wanted. It makes the hard work worth it all.

Denise said...

I wonder what it is about him that keeps the kids interested? You can tell by the last photo, they were hanging on to every word he said.

Shellmo said...

I love that $100 bill example and how wonderful he is able to connect w/ the kids!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Jess
He sounds very interesting and the kids look like they all enjoyed it.
People like him are much needed today

Amy said...

That's great, Jessica! And you're right, we often don't see those kind of speakers come to a small town.Sooooo great that you guys made that happen! Allen will be so jealous. I only wish he could have been there!