Saturday, November 1, 2008

MCBA Competition

Today is my birthday and I couldn't have spent it any better. Today was the Michigan Competing Band Association State Championships in Detroit at the Ford Field. It's the highlight of our marching season and a proud day for the community of Hartford. Here's Hartford's cheering section (OK, there's a few other towns mixed in too). Drum Major Jordan!Ty, my favorite sax player.We came in 10th this year. Not the most winning season we've ever had but we are still really proud.
My two favorite band members. Josh showed up to show support to Ty and all his friends.
The following photos are for Dawn and Jerry. These are some great photos of you all.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday!! It was a beautiful day here in MD. I hope you had one too. Looks like it was a good day for you.

Michelle Dawn said...

Came here via Cliff, just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

74WIXYgrad said...

Well, the school has a good nickname, Indians, but there is a band in a state to your south that has a much better announcer.

I'm glad you had a nice birthday.

Dee said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

Some of my happiest memories are from when Stephen was in band. We put many miles on the CR-V and it seems I was ALWAYS tired, aching and sometimes bruised. But, we had a great time! I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I can see you feel the same way by the smiles!

Liquid said...

Happy Birthday to you!

And warm wishes for many more!


Ben said...

They look sharp - and I bet they sounded great.
Happy birthday Jessica!

Laura said...

Happy birthday to you, and congrats to Jordan and the band on a great season!