Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 things Jessica would never say

I've tried unsuccessfully several times tonight to upload photos to blogger!  Once in a blue moon blogger is stubborn like that!  I have people waiting to see the Justin Lookadoo photos... I promise they are coming as soon as blogger starts behaving.  

Until them I've decided to copy Margaret and do a simple post on the 5 thing I would never say:

1. I'm going to stop feeding the birds, the bird seed is making too much of a mess.
2. I'm never going to buy another piece of Royal Copley (bird figurines) off of eBay.  
3. No Honey, Id rather not go out to dinner tonight.
4. Stress!  What stress? I've never been under stress in my life (that one was for you Craig, so you could have a laugh). 
5. Yes, please do the laundry for me today.  (I'm confessing that I hate to have anyone in the house touch the laundry... It's the one job that I cannot let go of.... help me with anything but the laundry). 

And #5 reminded me of this conversation between Caleb and I the other day.....

Mom:  Caleb, I've been talking to my friends at work and they tell me that I'm doing you a real injustice still doing your laundry for you at 19.

Caleb: Quit talking to your friends!


Dee said...

I am the same way about laundry. I don't like people messing with the machines AND I want it done MY way. LOL

I've heard the same thing from my friends about doing my child's laundry. So far I can't see that it is damaging him in any way. LOL

Margaret said...

Good one Jessica! Thanks for taking the dare!

Shellmo said...

You're a child's dream come true w/ your love of doing laundry!!

Jen said...

This sounds like you especially with that new washer and dryer-I am possessive of my laundry too!

Pigeon said...

I remember when my son ben started doing his own laundry. One day he said "Mom, I left the laundry in the washer over night. Has it gone sour?" My husband said, "only if you plan to eat it!"