Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update on Baby Red Bellied

I've posted about my Baby Red Bellied a few times this summer. He is still blessing me with his presence and I am still crazy about him. His parents are no longer with him. They must have done a good job of raising him because he looks happy and healthy and is growing and changing daily.
I can't really call him a baby anymore. He is starting to sprout red feathers on his head and his gray back has turned to black now. Maybe I should call him a teenager now.
Red Bellies stay here all winter so maybe he'll be a permanent resident in my yard. I think he knows that I have the best food in town.
And this adorable little Nuthatch visited me today too.


Jen said...

These are great pictures! Seems he likes your food a lot or he wouldn't hang around so much.

Pigeon said...

He's beautiful. I know you'll enjoy watching him grow up.

Margaret said...

Love that red belly! Your many beautiful pictures have inspired me. I am going to get some feeders this fall.

Shellmo said...

Red bellied definitely ranks up there as one of my top 5 favorite birds - love your photo of him! It's so cute to see him in that "awkward" stage. His head needs to grow into his body!