Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outside Happenings

One of the first things I always do in the spring is hang 4 flower baskets around the front porch. But what usually happens this time of year is that the baskets begin to look awful and are anything but pretty. Anyway, I decided that if I could find some ferns they might look good for the rest of the year. Much to my delight I found a lady at the farmer's market last Saturday that was trying to get rid of her last 4 ferns. She was selling them for $5. I couldn't pass them up. I'm so happy with them. They look so big and healthy and give the front porch new life.
Unlike my flower baskets that die off this time of year my wine barrels are looking the best they have in a long time. My typical wine barrel from years past were mostly just impatiens and vinca vines. Mom convinced me to go out on a limb and try something totally different this year. I'm glad she did.
The next two photos are my new bird feeders. Well, kind of. I've had the feeders for some time but the pole systems are what's new. I still have to get the raccoon baffles on the poles and then all my feeders will be raccoon and squirrel free.
This will be a major goal accomplished for me as I am tired of putting away the feeders each evening and putting them back out every morning.
And I leave you tonight with a photo of the most adorable dog... She has her "Why are you putting that camera in my face again?" look.


Shellmo said...

Ferns are a great idea! And I like the selection of plants you have in your wine barrel (I need something like this for the log cabin.) And of course - your dog is too adorable for words!

Ben said...

Man, your plants look nice and green. The house looks great. Down here in Ohio we are watering like mad and the grass and corn are turning premature brown. Please send us some rain if you have any to spare!

Peanut said...

lucky you ferns for $5. I do agree that may be one of the most adorable dogs ever. Glad to see her. :)

Jen said...

I love ferns, my porch is like a jungle out there.
I just can't get into the bird feeding thing-too much poop. But I am glad you love it and take care of them; somebody has to. Pretty house and what's not to love about the Pug mug. :)

Margaret said...

Your yard looks so pretty and inviting. And of course, Zoe looks gorgeous!

Pigeon said...

Your ferns are beatiful. I have fucias hanging from my porch and the leaves are starting to turn yellow. I never thought about switching to something else this time of year. What a great idea!