Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yippee it's Saturday!!

Here I am apologizing again for missing W.O.F. It's been a crazy week. Thursday I worked a double; left for work at 7:00AM and got home after 11:00PM. Then I went back to work Friday morning and worked a 10 hour shift. I was beat and stressed. Today has been spent relaxing and doing my favorite things.
Jordan and Lu-Lu (my parents dog)
My first favorite thing was early this morning. I woke up about 4:00AM to the most wonderful thunderstorm. I LOVE thunderstorms. I laid in bed for the next few hours drifting in and out of the most peaceful sleep listening to the rain. I then got up and went out on the front porch to enjoy the rain even more. I took my i-Pod with me and listened to my new bird podcasts while it continued to pour. It steadily rained until close to noon but it was much welcomed. Jordan and the gang
Early afternoon Jordan and I went grocery shopping for our camping trip this week. While I was in town my Dad called my cell phone to tell me that he had made me a bird feeder. A week ago or so I showed my Dad of a picture of a bird feeder that I wanted and he didn't waste any time making it for me. I'm so excited about my new feeder. It deserves it's own post after I get it put up and in service.
All the photos on my post today are from this afternoon at my parents. Jordan and I took Seadra and Zoe with us. It's so peaceful and relaxing over there. A walk around the gardens is all it takes to make the stresses of the week disappear.
Things are just beginning to ripen in the garden. We came home with summer squash and cukes. Jordan cooked the squash already... it was yummy.


The Brat Pack said...

Sounds like a great day!

BTW, I bought the book you posted a few weeks back. I finally made the coconut feeder today in it so I'm hoping to see some birds enjoying it tomorrow. :)


Shellmo said...

Gosh - just a treat to visit your blog today. I love dogs, your garden looks great and i can't wait to see the birdhouse your father made for you!

Pigeon said...

That looks like an huge vegetable garden. Mine is tiny compared to that. What fun!

Margaret said...

Wish I had a garden like that!
Nice to see Seadra and Zoe again.

I gave you an award- check out my blog...

Ben said...

Sounds like one of those perfect summer days. Here's to more of them!

Jen said...

Ah I love thunderstorms when I am in bed too! I just hate it when the electricity goes out though, and that happens all the time around here.