Friday, July 25, 2008


Caleb was a dinosaur fanatic when he was little. We went to all the dinosaur exhibits, museums, movies,... you name it. If it had to do with dinosaurs we went to it. Not to mention all the dinosaur books, CD's and toys that he had. At the youngest age he could tell you the name of every dinosaur, what they did and what they ate. I once took him to our local children's museum for a play/learning session on dinosaurs. When I went to pick him up the teacher told me that Caleb should have been the one teaching the class.
So this leads me to my W.O.F. item this week. Have you ever seen those artists that paint rocks to look like animal or other objects? I've seen some talented artists at art shows before that do this. We once saw someone who did dinosaurs. Anyway, my Mom tried to copy the idea and made Caleb a dinosaur one. She painted this triceratops for Caleb in 1997. Not bad for an amateur.


Pigeon said...

Your mom did a great job. I'll bet that is one of yur son's favorite treasures. I have a stone with a cat painted on it. I'll have to blog it one of these days.

gerry said...

Very real looking. I like the way she created the 3D look on the rock. I bet your son loved it.

Jen said...

Very 3D!
My son went through the dino phase too. He could spell paleontologist
in second grade. I had to look it up; today. ha

Margaret said...

Your mom is talented. That's a great keepsake.
Do you think she could do a pug and a boston? ;)

Ben said...

Well, that should drive the archaeologists crazy! Really, it's a cool personal keepsake.

Peanut said...

Your mom did an amazing job. I want a peanut rock. :) How are the girls by the way