Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hosta Challenge

Good Morning!! I was greeted by these beautiful Morning Glory's this morning. I love the way the middle of the flower looks like rays of sunshine.
My online friend Margaret has initiated a "Hosta Challenge" to see who has the biggest Hosta. Here is my offering. These "Sum and Substance" Hostas are by my back porch. When I planted them a few years ago they barely had 3 or 4 leaves. For the first time this year I had to trim a few of the leaves off the edges because they were hanging over into the lawn. I think I need to divide them next year.
Like Margaret, I placed a "pop" can as we call it here in Michigan as opposed to a "soda" can, so you can tell the size of it.
I don't really think my Hosta is bigger than yours Margaret but the size of the leaves are enormous on this plant. They are like the size of 2 dinner plates. Who else would like to share some of their Hostas?
Update on my Wren friend from yesterday.... While I was still in bed this morning I heard the Wren's singing. I'm hoping that is a good sign and that it is my little Wren friend from yesterday that was stuck in the jelly. There were two of them in the yard this morning and they were busy bringing sticks into the nesting box. I thought it was late in the year to be building a nest but maybe not. Anyway... I hope it's him and that he OK from the trauma.


Margaret said...

Goodness, that's a big leaf! You definitely win so far in the leaf category! And it's pretty large all around.

Shellmo said...

Your hostas look beautiful! I had to laugh at your reference on how we michiganders called soda - "Pop" !

Pigeon said...

My hostas aren't as pretty as yours. Something has been eating the leaves and mine look all chewed up.

Jen said...

This was a hoot reading this tonight-the battle of the Hostas with the three of you! LOL
Yours are impressive too!

Laura said...

Wow! Those are some big hostas! We were blessed with a bunch from Ross and Lisa that we planted this year, so maybe next year I can compete. :-)

74WIXYgrad said...

We drink pop in Ohio too.