Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We've come a long way

Well, we did it. The house is done... almost. We still need to paint the trim around the basement windows on the south side of the house but it is suppose to rain the next two days so if that doesn't get done before Caleb's graduation open house Saturday I'm not going to sweat it. We hired someone to paint the house when we bought it six years ago. He didn't do a good job at all. I thought for sure it would last more than six years. This time we painted it ourselves and already I can tell how much nicer it turned out from the previous paint job. Craig power washed the house to prep it for painting. He did such a great job that it was down to the bare cement blocks in a lot of places.
My gardens are looking nice. Hostas are my favorite!! I love all the different varities.
I spread new mulch and planted my last annuals yesterday.
Mom came over last week and helped me plant all my barrels and hanging baskets. Thanks Mom!
Even the shed got a new paint job. What a relief to have all this done. Now all I need to do is clean the house, shop for everything, cook.... Wow, I better get busy.


The Brat Pack said...

Your house and yard look fantastic!! I love the style house you have, it's so homey looking. (if that makes sense) I want a porch like yours on my next house.


Pigeon said...

That was a lot of very hard work and a beautiful result. Our last paint job for the house lasted only 4 years. I like the flower barrels. That is a clever idea.

Peanut said...

your house is beautiful. I would love to own it.

Shellmo said...

Your house looks great! And your yard is so neat. I love the color of the plants and flowers in your barrel planter. Your shed looks like a cute cottage w/ that chair out front.

Ben said...

I hope you can now enjoy the fruits of your labors! Sit on that big front porch and enjoy the results! (Then come down to Ohio and help us paint ours, ha ha!)

Margaret said...

Your house looks great. I like the gray you chose.

Liquid said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Great job!