Thursday, June 26, 2008

Backyard Friends

These are my Tufted Titmouse friends. I don't see them very often. I think they are here everyday but they are so small and inconspicuous that I don't notice them unless I sit down and really look for them.
They are so sweet.
And this guy is enjoying a peanut. I try to feed them to the birds but I think the squirrels get more than the birds do.
And here's my baby Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I posted about him before. I still see his parents around with him occasionally but mostly he is making more and more appearances by himself. He is in love with oranges!! When I am outside early in the morning "doing the birds" he is usually on a tree waiting for his orange. I have named him "Puppy"... I don't know why. Maybe because he's just as adorable as any puppy I've ever seen.


Pigeon said...

I have tufted titmice but never knew they were call that!

Jen said...

Your photography is great!
So nice that you provide such a lovely home for all these little critters.

Shellmo said...

I love the variety of birds you are capturing! Did you know the tufted titmouse can be tamed quite easily? I had one eating out of my hand last week at the cabin and was yelling for my hubby to get the camera - but too late! (Also - puppy is a great name for your baby red bellied!)

Ben said...

You have quite a managerie out there in the yard!