Monday, June 30, 2008

My kind of Monday

If I could order a Monday, this would be it. It's sunny and a cool 75 degrees with a light breeze. It's heavenly outside. And I have the day off today which makes it all that much more wonderful! I went to the laundry mat this morning and washed all our sleeping bags in preparation of our planned camping trip to Silver Lake in two weeks. It is the perfect day to hang them out to dry.
Have any of you ever heard of Candy Corn Vine? It's also known as Firecracker Vine. You can click here to read more about it. I discovered this plant a few years ago at a local nursery and bought it for my Mom. It quickly became one of our favorite summer annuals. It's such a fun and beautiful plant. It grows quickly and will climb up any pole or trellis. It looks full and healthy all summer long. If you haven't tried this plant before and you are fortunate enough to find it give it a try. You'll love it. My Day Lilies are in full bloom. Someone told me that if you cut off the old bloom stalks that they sometimes do a second blooming. I'm going to try that when they are done blooming.
This silly tree face has been in the garage for several years. I finally stuck it up on a pine tree in the front yard. I didn't tell anyone that I put it up. We'll see how long it takes for anyone to notice it.
Hope you are enjoying your Monday as much as I am!


Margaret said...

It's my day off too! It's warm and rainy here, though. The frogs in the pond and my plants are loving it. I wish it was 75 and breezy like out your way. Love that vine!!

Pigeon said...

I too like the fire cracker vine. I have never seen one before. Today is cold and rainy in Chesterland, so I've been inside all day cleaning and doing paper work and I'm about to go in to work an evening shift. Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

Jen said...

Love the smell of air dried laundry!
Looks like the Firecracker Vine has perfect timing for the 4th.

Ben said...

That candy corn/firecracker vine is a new one to me. Anyone notice the tree face yet?

Shellmo said...

Have never seen the fire cracker vine before - a great addition to the yard!

Laura said...

I love the candy corn vine, and I'm going to try cutting the day lilies when they are done blooming. Thanks for the tip!