Monday, June 16, 2008

Orioles are my favorite

One of my biggest pleasures this spring/summer has been my Orioles. I was so excited to see my first ever Oriole early this spring. I had never seen one before when one day he landed on my hummingbird feeder. I ran out and bought every thing I could think up that would entice him to stay.... an Oriole feeder, oranges and grape jelly. Much to my excitement he stayed and soon brought his wife. Just in the last few days I have seen the Oriole fledglings at the feeders too. They are all here everyday. If I am out in the yard I am guaranteed to see them within 5 minutes.
They LOVE the grape jelly. It is by far their favorite. I keep having to increase how much I put out. First it was a few tablespoons a day now they are hogging up a 1/2 cup each day. I have also seen the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and the House Finches eating the jelly.
Now I am just hoping that they come back again next year. Please come back. I promise I will keep spoiling you with whatever your heart desires. (click photos to enlarge and check out the jelly on his beak!)


gerry said...

The Oriole is beautiful. It is funny that it is our baseball team's symbol but I have never seen one except in a book or on a baseball cap.

Shellmo said...

Jessica - you are the best bird hostess! Love the oriole photos! I'm going to take your tip on the grape jelly and give it a shot at the log cabin this weekend.

Pigeon said...

You have more interesting birds than me. I have mostly chikadees, and woodpeckers.