Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two More Days (actually 4)

It's Thursday. I'm down to the last two days of my week off (4 if you count the weekend). It's been a wonderful week. So needed. I have hardly left the house except for a few quick trips into town for this or that. I've played with Seadra and Zoe, went for walks, messed around with my photography, did some blogging (of course), and just enjoyed myself and my family.
Jordan passed her drivers test yesterday and is now an official licensed driver. I would like to say that she was all excited and rejoicing, but it was bittersweet. She was in tears last night because she was feeling like she didn't do well on the test, even though she passed. Craig and the road test guy both pointed out her weaknesses and she was feeling all defeated. To try and cheer her Craig let her drive over to Shane's house last night all by herself. She perked up after that. But.... we are keeping a close eye on her and we are not ready to turn her loose yet. She wants to drive herself to dance lesson tonight but that is too far and we all need more assurance of confidence before we do that. It will all come soon.
So what am I doing my last days off this week. I don't know. Today it is beautiful!! It's sunny and the temps are rising to about 55 today. I should do something outside as the next 2 days are suppose to rain. Maybe I'll head on over to the nature preserve with my camera and tripod.

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Frasypoo said...

Hi Jessica,
Your doggies are so great at posing in pictures !Thats a great picture