Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our Trip to the ER

My precious daughter was stung by a bee today. She was at the school outside for band practice. The phone rang and I saw from the caller id that it was the band director calling. My first thought was that Jordan was hurt. Why else would would he be calling in the middle of practice? Actually it was Jordan on his cell phone. She sounded different. "Mom, I was stung by a bee on the tongue and my tongue is swelling up. Mr Pagel told me to call you and see what you want me to do." I dropped everything and ran right up there.

Yes, her tongue was about twice it's normal size and was growing. She said her throat wasn't feeling constricted but it was getting hard for her to swallow. She was talking like she had a mouth full.

OK, do I take her home and "hope" it doesn't get any worse or do I take her to the emergency room. Off to the hospital we went.

I told the woman at the triage desk that she was stung by a bee on the tongue and her tongue was swelling. They didn't even let us sit down and whisked her right back. They were all over her. They gave her antihistamines and steroids. Immediately her tongue swelling started to go down. We were only there about an hour. Jordan is fine; she is now home and resting.

Oh yea, how in the world did a bee sting her on the tongue? A bee decided to go inside her pop and then Jordan decided to take a drink. I bet she won't ever take a drink of pop outside again without a screw top in it.

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Balboa & Mommy said...

that is very scary, of all things to happen.

I am just glad Jordan is okay, good thinking on taking her to the hospital. I'm glad the nurses took in immediately, sounds like Jordan is very level headed and calm in scary situations.