Friday, June 12, 2009


It's been a stressful week and was I ever happy to see Friday!  Craig and the kids are in Kentucky at ICHTHUS (a Christian music festival) so as soon as I got home from work Seadra, Zoe and I went my parents.  Visiting over there is the best stress releiver!  Tonight was picking strawberries and making strawberry shortcake.  It doesn't get any better.
Yummy Yummy!
Mom and Dad enjoying the fruits of their labors..... literally.  
Lu-Lu and Bageera resting.  
Zoe enjoying Pa-Pa's kiddy pool that he keeps full just for the grand-dogs.
Seadra and Zoe absolutely LOVE the golf cart.  
Pa-Pa even lets Seadra drive. 
My Dad's chickens. 
And here is the bluebird photo of the day.  It's amazing how close they are letting me get to them.  They know I am the mealworm lady and they love me for it. 


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Is it possible to send Stawberry Shortcake via the blog? Sure looks yummy.

Margaret said...

Your dog pictures are great. I don't know which makes me smile more. Seadra's big smile while driving, or Zoe taking a dip in the pool!
I am envious of your strawberries. A friend of mine and I have been trying to pick a weekend to go pick some, and it has been too rainy. Now that it's sunny, I think it's too late!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jessica, It's no wonder you enjoy going to your parents' home... It would definitely be my stress reliever too...

Send me some of that strawberry shortcake... YUM.

Ben said...

Linda just asked me if I wanted to go pick some strawberries today. After seeing your blog, yes, I think I want to pick some!

Jen said...

Can't get good strawberries in the store--and we missed most of the season here, since we were gone.
Lucky you!!
Your Blue Birds are beautiful!!!!

Laura said...

Looks yummy! We have strawberry shortcake for dinner one night a year when the strawberries come in.