Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving My Bluebirds

Above anything else this summer it was my greatest hope to have a pair of bluebirds take up residence in my back yard.  I'm happy to report that my wonderful bluebird are well and active and what joy they are bringing me!  They wake me up each morning singing and chatting to each other.  They are getting quite used to me and are loving the meal worms I provide them with about 4 times a day.  I peeked in the nest a few days ago and was thrilled to see one egg.  Today I peeked again and there were 5 eggs!  I read that they lay 3 to 5 eggs so I'm guessing they are at their limit.  They will be busy busy parents trying to feed that many mouths.  
Daddy seems to be a little less afraid of me.  Momma is a little more cautious.  I watched Daddy fly down from a branch and grab a mealworm and fly back up to feed Momma who was patiently waiting.  They are the sweetest things to watch.    
I'm taking every step I can think of to protect and keep danger away from my precious bluebirds.  I've even stopped putting bird seed in the platform feeder to keep the starlings and house sparrows away.  It seems to be working.  I'm sure you'll see more about my bluebirds as time goes by.  
And just so you don't think my life is totally consumed with bluebirds.... Here's a photo of my Mom and her neighbor.  They were selling some of Mom's plants at the farmers market last weekend.  I drove up to South Haven to see them Saturday morning.  Mom enjoyed the day and loved talking to everyone.  And I'll take any excuse to go to the farmers market.   


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The Bluebirds must be fun to have around.It will be great to see further pictures

Laura said...

Fun!! And I thought that was SH in the pic! You should have stopped by. :-)