Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My very own bluebird

This is not the quality bird photo that I usually post on my blog and even though it is suboptimal I am posting it anyway.  This is a genuine for REAL bluebird that has been in my back yard for the last 2 days!!!  I first saw him yesterday hanging around and scoping out the back yard.  He flew over to the bluebird house but at that time I didn't notice him going in it.  After about an hour he disappeared.  Tonight about 9PM I went outside and there he was again on top of the bluebird house.  This time he was going in and out several times.  And he kept singing his little heart out... I'm hoping he was calling his wife to come check out the new house he found for them.  This was the only photo I got of him yesterday but I'm hoping to get many more... if he stays.  Wow... I've been trying to get bluebirds to come around for over 2 years!  Let's hope they take up residence!  
The last 3 bluebird photos are my Dad's bluebirds from last year.  Wait till Dad hears my good news!  

P.S.  This is the next morning and the bluebirds woke me up just singing and singing and singing in the back yard.  My heart is happy!  


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Jessica, I hope and pray that the Bluebirds decide to nest in your yard. They are just so much fun to watch.. Did you see all of my daily posts of my bluebirds on my blogs????? I had SO much fun.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh WOW,this is exciting for you.Bluebirds are so special and to have themon the yard would be the best.

Jen said...

I feel your joy!

Laura said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see updates on them.

74WIXYgrad said...

So I guess this is your "bluebird of happiness."

I'm glad you finally got one to answer your ad!

Margaret said...

Lucky you! Great pictures, too.

Ben said...

Looks like you might have some new tenants! Cool!