Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You are invited....

.... to view my new blog.
I've been contemplating starting a new blog for sometime now.  In the past I've had "Through the Viewfinder" and "Seadra and Zoe's Blog" both of which I haven't been blogging on for the last year.  Both of these blogs have been incorporated into my main "Five Pines" blog and have been deleted.  

My new blog is titled "The Thrill of the Hunt".  It will feature my passion for antiquing, second hand stores.... The Thrill of the Hunt.  In the past few years this has grown into a hobby for me and is something that I really enjoy.  I thought being able to blog about my finds and share them online would add to the enjoyment.  I'm hoping to find some blogger friends out there with similar interests as well. 

Let me know what you think.  Click here to visit "Thrill of the Hunt".   


Ben said...

Sounds like a fun idea. I always find interesting stuff (and interesting people to talk to) in antique and "junk" stores. The possibilities are infinite!

Margaret said...

You know I'll be checking this out!